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– hey everyone chevy money and today wedoing i guess what you can call a first impression / i come along with me as i straightenedmy hair so today i’m going to be straighteningmy natural hair which is something only do you maybe once every six months orsomething like that because it takes legit like six hours to do which isreading us ok ok so today i’m going to be usingsome products that my little sister actually tagged me in on facebook andtold me to try it and that she wanted to

try as well so i went ahead and pickedthem up they were kind of like all the rays and hype on facebook keep it so yes we not only facebook like thatbecome all the hype on facebook but it was like a batter a little video someoneshaking in their hair and the products of the use where the eta and products so i wentahead and purchased day i purchase the shampoo and it’s the eta at naturalproducts , laps deep penetrating simple and then i also purchased theconditioner which is the eta natural products so protein karma luxeconditioner and then i also purchased

the eta and natural products carmel deepreconstruct thing deep deep reconstructing treatment andthis is like a caramel treatment which is super awesome one thing i have somuch hair i didn’t realize how much i was usingand i use like a whole perfume bottle so i will tell you guys police because we’ll be using it becausefor me it didn’t feel like if i don’t know like i guess that would explain alot of people smell let you know why didn’t feel like i was using this muchon this product right here and then there is the eta butter shinelight weight moisturizing hair and scalp

cream which is probably my favoriteproduct from the wine next to a pc silk protein conditioner so i first startedoff not reading any instructions like a little gummy but i can read theinstructions i recommend you guys do you read the instructions so i did what i thought would be firstand i you need to be watched so i washed my hair with the shampoo i’m when i watched by your own admissionyou would you feel like a deep penetrating it felt like i was doingsomething but it also felt like it stripped my hair and dry my hair which ithink you were supposed to strip out the

caramel luxe deeper constructingtreatment and you’re supposed to use this first and then this from what i sawbut i felt like it kind of made me on your drive i watch the different review whathappened like during the process and someone else was saying that for themthey thought that i was because of the protein and the shampoo that maybethey’re going like that so i don’t know because the conditioner have protein tobe going to share so much lip and was so awesome and so after you shampoo i went to the conditioner and i use aconditioner and i was in a bit like it

was amazing it it was super creamy soup was driving andthat yeah i was kind of cool with just beingin there but i mean for the amount of money that these products i was looking for something like amazingand you know which i like my results i definitely think my hair is very verysoft it was very easy to find it does lookreally nice and it doesn’t feel weighed down the butter shot or anything butwe’ll get that we’ll get there so the next product iuse while in the shower and get that’s

why i don’t have any footage of itbecause i mean you have no i just put it on and did my hair four sections foreach thing and i put on for section i’m what i’m lazy i just do two sectionsfor the fourth section is you simple and the next thing that i use is the deepreconstructing treatment and i you so much a bit because my hair still feltextremely stripped and dry but i couldn’t really feel how much of this iwas putting on when i put into my hair my hair kind of felt more if that makesany sense because i use like all natural and conditioners and different thingslike that my hair normally so and i keep raw honey and the shower like it’s upthere on my child back whatever so i you

brought me a lot and this is real soonfor that to me to me it definitely reminds me of that but this place apartand these results here i don’t know because i’ve neverstraighten my hair with ronnie so what do you guys like you’ve tried thisbefore do you think that roxy is real similarto it let me know in the comments below because i definitely feel like if it isreal similar to it but i want to use this matt and i like it i must inactually had a child and feel good i felt sick and i feel like my hair washeavy and i’ll craziness but i was saying i was legit take out have astomach flu or something

and so i came out of the shower absolutethat morning before i did my hair so i came out of the shower and i left thisin and i lived in for about maybe an hour and a half or something and then iwent back in and watched it out immediately after i washed it out i washed my hair again this yahoo andthen id condition it the shampoo again like you drive and stroked my hair and then i put in the conditioner feltlike you were replenished it and i washed out all the conditioner and theni went ahead and blow dry my hair once i blow dry my hair like in between my blowdryer of the sections i went ahead and

put some of the butter shine on thereand i’m it was pretty much only one of the best full of guys i’ve ever had inmy life and it my hair was super silky just from theblow-dry and the texture was just fluffy like it was just nice like yes you havebeen kind of see here like you can you call you’ve never seen my hair straightenedon my channel so you probably wouldn’t know the difference but my hair is sothick that it just blows up you know i’m saying it’s not changebecause i haven’t really shaped my how much my life in general so it just blowsup like it doesn’t like human be and i’m

in texas with a lot of humidity so itnever really works out to right but this is the results i’m i will queue in some footage of me flat ironing my hair so that you canguys can see how i plotting my here and use the chase method and i’ll just keepit in somebody’s right yeah you ok so what i hope you guys enjoyed thatput into me up flattering my hair i’m nothing fancy just a littleflattering but i know it’s the beginning

somewhere so if you want to see that yousee that there i i love my results i feel like give myhair is fluffy and just nice it’s just like really really nice so myhair is growing a lot to me so my hair is growing a lot it is here not big on like little jetsand stuff like that i’m just growing and what i feel likei’m i guess i can tell when it’s going somewhere when it’s not but we give you guys likea little back shop so i hope you guys had to see a littlebit of what it’s looking like

not really good at this whole nobusiness but not really get it was showing you a full rounded of my wholehair but it’s still a puppy i i don’t think whatever not puffy because it’s not really puffy right nowit’s just eight and four and like it has a lot of value and white ok but this is my hair naturally and itis just real thick and has a lot of my life but this is my hair naturally sowell matter but i hope you have enjoyed this video if you like to see it morehair videos make sure to let me know you don’t really mess up my hair lat

so there won’t be just like a whole lotmore here video i might do you still keep up with me so do treatments and things like that doyou have a lot of older videos my hair and stuff like that so you can see thathere is actually carry it anyone on here doesn’t know that already and i have a whole bunch of videos thatyou guys can check out if you like so the products all i would say thatthey are pretty good products i think the only product that i wouldrepurchase is the deep reconstructing treatment and the butter shine

i don’t know if you can buy themseparately i think so i’m it can you get your hands on themseparately i would just get these – i don’t feel like it the conditioner and the chair who aremuch as i just don’t feel like it’s something that i have to have in mycollection or i have to keep all the time or anything like that but i woulddefinitely spend a good twenty dollars on this and maybe ten dollars so this not 20 but this was a pretty goodproduct i’m for building and flattering your hair now i wasn’t sure about

i wasn’t sure about he protecting ifthis was going to like protect my hair from heat so i’m gonna head and use my chi thermali am got a thermal protection spray which is this straightened myhair so much better and work so good with texture so yeah so yeah and aboutto be three dollars to these items that i gotta be said for every shampoo orconditioner be debriefing starting treatment and the butter shine and net yeah it was pretty good but i willdefinitely say that i was tired definitely hyped up i’m my results inexactly like days but of course my hair

is totally different than anybody else’sprobably ever existence not this other people hey my hair justdoes it like – um it’s fake . playing . so i say that it is it’s nice right nowlike it’s really really nice like it has a lot of body but i yeah it’s nice likeit has a lot of body right now and it’s looking right so it’s a good product i’m one of seven dollars you’re probablyonly going to the products i’m not all the products like i let them maybe so if you like to see more videoslike this you have any questions on the model that make sure to leave them inthe comments below and make sure to like

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