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metal gear solid v: ground zeroes okay, let’s be real here. you probably know exactly what i’m gonna say about this. the gameplay is absolutely fantastic. somehow kojima productions were able to take everything we love about the metal gear solid franchise and bring it to a very modern control style, yet still retain all of its integrity that makes it metal gear. it never stops being fun. the graphics, i mean, just look at this seriously look at it! this game has been out for over a year and i still can’t believe how good it looks! it’s… it’s beautiful! the use of sound is absolutely fantastic, the way the music is context specific and how even then

it’s very subtle. the patter of the rain, the crunch of headshots i meani guess my only complaint i have is that there isn’t enough music in the game. and the design… okay, let’s level for a second. when this game first came out, i thought "you know it’s pretty good had agood time short but sweet could be a bit longer for the price but, youknow, it’s a pretty good game. but coming back to this and really diving intoeverything the same as offer.. this game is an ocelot-approved (naked snake) "pretty good!" despite being essentially a teaser for the phantom pain, there is a lot here a still captivates my interest.

the first time i played this, i took about 2-3 hours in the main mission. after learning the map and practicing, you can speed this in around 8 minutes. yet i still have about 30 hours clock into the game becausethere’s so much more to see! they created a robust, contained map and structuredseven different games within, each one giving you the freedom to approachit however you see fit with lots of individual details of hidden things tofind it. it promotes and rewards replayability and experimentation in afantastic way. the only reason this game doesn’t get a perfect score is so that ican give phantom pain a higher one afterwards because it’s probably gonnablow this out of the water…

i’m still working the kinks in this rating system. it’ll get there.

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