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microsoft has announced that hololens willbe available to developers and commercial customers in china in the first half of 2017 watch this video released by microsoft windows,to know about hololens and mixed reality. feeling present in your environment is atthe heart of what makes us human and it’s the key ingredient in mixed reality. being present isn’t just about what you seebut more importantly it’s about having the freedom to move, interact and explore. today’s mobile virtual reality headsets allowsimple rotation of your head such as looking side-to-side.

this stationary experience is very interesting,but it’s not mixed reality. this may look immersive, but it doesn’t feelnatural it’s the difference between being an observer versus an engaged participant. in real life we’re used to exploring our worldby moving freely in all directions. more sophisticated headsets that work at deskscale do let you move more naturally. you can move side-to-side, forward and back,and you can even stand up. this kind of motion is called translationand it adds an entirely new dimension to your experience. now you can look around objects and explorethem in 3d just like you do in the real world.

even more sophisticated headsets work at roomroom scale and allow you to walk to further interact with your environment. they usually do this by tracking your locationusing external sensors. a limitation with this approach is that itrequires setting up your room, and in some cases even drilling holes in your wall. unfortunately, these sensors have a limitedarea of coverage that restrict how far you can walk. microsoft hololens is the first fully self-containedholographic computer. hololens works at world scale by not requiringadditional external sensors or any extra set

up. this is called inside-out tracking and thiscapability’s available to some headsets running windows 10. with no room setup required, the world isyour canvas. you can finally be present in your environmentin the most natural and immersive way.

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