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hey, hey, hey hello my friends sergio felixhere from marketingwithsergio.com and today i want to talk about the digital millionairebootcamp fake reviews alright? i’ve been doing a little bit of research inside youtube becausei actually have been taught by marc milburn. he’s my marketing coach and mentor and hejust launched a new product and it’s called digital millionaire bootcamp and there’s alot of people creating these fake video reviews and it’s not actually… even to promote theproduct. it’s actually to try to siphon the traffic because it’s a… you know like anew launch and it has a lot of buzz around it and they want to siphon that traffic andbring these people into their "free" and "really cool systems" or "marketing systems" thatyou don’t have to invest anything. so, i think

that whoever is teaching those guys that wayof marketing i think well… it’s… yeah you can get a lot of free traffic like thatbut it’s not targeted traffic because whoever is actually trying to find more informationabout digital millionaire bootcamp… they are already aware of the launch or aware ofmarc milburn or aware in some way about that product and they are not looking for a freeoption, they are looking for that product you know? so that’s not targeted traffic,it’s just stupid to do that and i can’t actually mention the companies that these guys arepromoting because those are… i mean, most of them aren’t even companies you know? andi mean whatever, they can do whatever they want, whatever they please but i can see thatthese people are mostly newbies or newbie

i mean like new to internet marketing andthey are doing what they are being told to do to get traffic and that’s perfectly fine.what i think it’s really wrong is that you are trying to push down somebody else’s genuineproduct only to try to get some traffic to your shitty offer… you know? i think that’sa little bit bad but hey, who am i to judge? just be aware that there are a lot of fakereviews on digital millionaire bootcamp and you should actually seek the actual 50 studentsthat actually took the training like myself and a lot of my fellow students and actuallygrab those reviews and check out what they are offering and just buy through their links.but just beware of these fake reviews on youtube and on these shitty blogs everywhere rightnow alright? so, sergio felix from marketingwithsergio.com

i already have a review site for marc milburn’slatest product and it’s digitalmillionairebootcamp.co and you can check it out if you want okay?so if you have any questions or anything, let me know in the comment thread or in theblog or wherever you see this and i hope you have a fantastic day, take care my friend,sergio felix from marketingwithsergio.com bye for now.

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