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greetings once again and welcome to lgr quickies. and if it sounds like it’s raining andthundering out there, that’s because it is. and if not, then i don’t know. that’s cooland my microphone’s better than i thought. so, yes, today’s game is actually a gamethat takes place in the rain quite a bit. and… not in the rain. it’s also not a physical game,which is why i’m not holding it. and i am instead holding a red ps4 controller. so, yes, what are we talking about?well, we’re talking about the newest game from the chinese room,

and that is a game calledeverybody’s gone to the rapture. and if the chinese room sounds familiar, then perhaps you’ve playedor heard of dear esther, and the machine for pigs,the second amnesia game. well, yes, this is by the same dudes over in an independent studio in britain except that this game is no longer strictly independent–sort of, i mean, still kind of is. but it is published by sony computer entertainment

as a playstation 4 exclusive. so what exactly is everybody’s gone to the rapture? well, aside from the name itself, which implies some religious tones– of which there are some in the game,especially in the first little bit– it’s an experience that is verymuch about walking around somewhere that is gorgeous, fully realized, but yet you don’t do a whole lot. for instance, you’re not interacting as much as, say,

the stanley parable, or the vanishing of ethan carter, of which this does bare some other similarities,especially ethan carter, but… you know, this is very much just you walking around and in first person looking at balls. glowing balls. ball lightning, orbs, spirits. i don’t know what the heck, man. and it doesn’t exactly explain it, either.

it’s a very mysterious game. and it is one that– it captured my, just… "i have to know what’s going on" kind of feeling at the very beginning. my curiosity! that’s the word. ha ha. i know words. but, really, that is it. you’re walkingaround the set of the town from "hot fuzz" while a bunch of english peopletalk about gossip in the town,

and you figure out what happened there and why everybody’s presumably gone to the rapture. or indeed if they have. and i’m not saying it’s aliens, but, uh… [laughs] …there is something really kinda sci-fi that goes on that is much further than just a weird religious thing that the first part of the gametries to tell you is kinda going on. it-it’s really interesting and i can’tsay much about it without spoiling it.

however, i *will* say this. the biggest reason that iwanted to talk about this at all is not the gameplay itself becausethere’s so very, very little of it. i wanted to talk abouteverybody’s gone to the rapture because of the magnificent soundtrack. it is very, very rare thati will recommend a game almost purely on its soundtrack, but everybody’s gone to the rapture is one of those. this is a game that i was sohappy that my ps4 controllers

had a headphone adapter built in,because with a good pair of headphones, just getting immersed in this world, listening to the sounds, the weirdness around you,the voices of these creepy ghost spirits that you’re watching and whatnot, and… and the music… the music is one of the single best soundtracks i’ve heard. ["the mourning tree" by jessica curry]♪ after you came home to me ♪ ♪ like the nightjar you left me here ♪

♪ to nest in the mourning tree… ♪ there is one thing about the game that i don’t like, and that is the way you move around so freakin’ slowly. you could hold the right trigger,or r2, on the ps4 controller to *kind of* run, but the way it works is,like, this gradual, accelerated running. like, you hold it down and the longeryou hold it, you’ll slowly start to move faster, and only in certain areas that it allows you. this game is very much about pacing. and, you just have to get used to that.

in fact, it plays like you’re watching a– a stage play, or like a performance art of some kind on a stage where you’re just going and watching one scene after another play out, with these musical interludesin between and throughout that tie it all together in this… this thing that just feels way better than it should, especially since you’re doing basically nothing. you’re walking up to stuff,

and, like, pressing a button every so often to see… or not even really see, but just hearthese things that happened in this town. now, the asking price for this is $20. do i think that that price is worth it? i don’t know. it was over in about three hours,three and a half hours for me, and… you know, it’s just whatever.you can’t just go strictly on game length. for me, personally, it was becausei got to experience something that was… i–i don’t know.

spiritual, in a way? like i said, it was like watchinga weird, spiritual performance art. i was very glad i experienced it, so maybe wait on a sale. either way, this is just somethingsuper interesting that i had to talk about, even though it’s not necessarily thebest game that i’ve played in a while. it was just a fascinating and engaging experience on a different level than most things that i would typically play.

and if you enjoyed this quickie,then perhaps you would like some of my others. i do a quickieevery so often here on my channel and i’m–this is a reference… [laughs]…to garfield quickies from the cartoon, not necessarily the sexual act. but i am aware that there are some connotationsthere that make sense for these as well, ’cause, you know, it’s like, "oh, it’s not as good as the real thing,but a quickie’s still alright!" i dunno.

yeah… naming aside, maybe you’d likesome other videos that i’ve done, there are some here. there’s alsotwitter, facebook and patreon. and as always, thank you very much for watching.

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