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what’s up gadget geeks on this episodeof his crap we just might blow you away probably not though keep top db2 doobydooby dooby doo doo doo doodle welcome back let’s just jump into it shall we doappear on the gadget shelf we’re pulling down today’s object the usb clock inthis do that here is very cheap very simple and right into this year and youcan kinda see what’s going on basically we’ve got goose neck the usbon one end and fan blades on the other and now isn’t that special here’s some we’re not going to readthose the fair and if you look at it has to be little plastic blades and makes mewonder how much you can actually carry

can actually move here but i’m one ofthe blades is this flexible or circuit board that’s built in there and i’massuming that’s what actually does the led clock face so this seems reallystraightforward let’s plug it in and see what it looks like and how much areamoves so bust out the trusty old laptop here and we’ll plug this right into thesun and just like that and it’s not doing anything about you have to turn iton person on a switch to turn the fan ondisplay well we did that but you know what’sgoing on here we go this is a full power usb the super usb now why not check tomake sure that the usb was working and

it totally is which means that ourdelightful little thing here is not so guess that makes our job pretty easy ais it crap dude out there you have it total crap but hey what do you expectit’s one of those things and that’s why we do this show to find out if you wantto find out more about that piece of crap there is a link in the descriptionbelow i loved it there just you guys can see which one that is the one that ibought and maybe you know make your own decisions at that point but either waythe links in description below coming up next week on it crap reallykind of excited gonna do our first ever whole video

amazon whole stay tuned we’ll see youthen in the meantime make sure you like subscribe all that good stuff share with a friend if they’re thinkingabout buying the usb fan that way they know not to get this one alright guys will see you next time

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