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hey guys and welcome to another episode ofthru the glass table. i’m your host ismael bustamante. and i’m the black one, everettwalker. and today were going to be talking about "ant-man". now the movie stars paulrudd as scott lang who is an ex-convict trying to find a second chance to be a good father.his redemption comes in an unlikely form of a doctor named hank pym who is played by michaeldouglas. the two conspire together to steal pym’s shrinking technology in order to savethe world from what all these marvel movies seem to need the least…more technology. and werechanging it up a little today, we have a special guest, would you like to introduce yourself?yeah, hi guys! my name is horacio ortiz. i’m so happy to be here thanks for having me.your welcome, thank you for joining us. horacio

is my old roommate from college and he considershimself a pseudo comic book nerd. and since you consider yourself a pseudo comic booknerd, why don’t you tell us, what did you think about "ant-man"? actually i thoughtit was, like, a huge surprise. i didn’t expect to like it, especially a good pickme up from “avengers: age of ultron”, so, i was pretty happy about this movie. well,it’s such a step back from all that epic crap we’ve see for, what it’s been likeeight years now? it was so nice to see such a small simple little heist movie. yeah, ihave to agree, because like, i just, you know, marvel of late has been like, kind of like,giving us these tie-ins to the infinity stones and thanos and its just kind of getting likeformulaic and its really boring. michael douglas’

performance in this movie is top notch. like,he’s been, like, he’s reprieved himself from hollywood for quite a while, but like,he’s just on point in this movie. what do you think? i actually really liked the relationshipbetween michael douglas and his daughter hope. so it was nice to see this father and daughterrelationship. different from iron man, between his father, and, howard stark and tony, i thought it was really nice. yeah, and it just goes to show that this movie has areally good balance of comedy and action and the little drama scenes. there was no point,where i felt that there was a lull. which is, which was, a good movie. dude, i thinkpaul rudd is the most adorable person in the world after this movie! all his other stuffi really enjoy him. like, he’s just a really

good actor in terms of like comedy and i reallyhaven’t seen a lot of his dramatic roles, but, he was just so well balanced in thisfilm. can we just please talk about his body at the moment right there. it made me, whilei was eating the popcorn, very discouraged, to eat one more bite, and i was like, no.because you’re kind of flabby? he put on a lot of muscle for this movie. yeah, it wasstrange seeing him with a nice body, cos it’s like seeing your little frumpy cousin witha nice body. i so used to seeing him in a dopey kind of role, and it was weird, it wasweird for me seeing him like that. i feel like there wasn’t enough paul rudd in thismovie, i feel like he wasn’t as cutesy and dopey as he usually is and i would have likeda lot more of that. yeah, but you have to

understand that, that kind of character paulrudd, is not who scott lang is. he’s playing someone that’s, is funny, but he’s moreserious, he’s more determined as a father, he’s, so paul rudd brings all that rangeinto this movie i think. and he balances well, like it comes off just as boyish charm tome. well i guess that’s true. maybe i’m just being a little man crush right now ori don’t know but paul rudd. i guess it’s time to talk about the stuff that we don’tlike, and we’ll be starting with an actor, corey stoll. he was so vaudeville villainin this movie. he was so dramatic and i just didn’t like it. yeah it seemed like theywere trying to go for like this typical bad villain motif in the movie, like, he’s alwayswearing dark clothes, he’s bald, why does

every villain have to be bald? every villainis bald in this fucking universe. and like he’s rich, he’s just, but like the actingi don’t, it seemed like it was just a plateau for me throughout the whole movie but he’ssupposed to be developed like this psychotic break so it didn’t make sense. i did notreally like his character at all either. i really didn’t enjoy the rag tag team thatfollows scott lang, like t.i.’s character. like, you know, what is t.i. doing in thismovie? he makes enough money. like, is he a fan of “ant-man”? he has a history ofshowing up in movies because someone paid him to do it. it’s just like so weird, likehis character could really have been a puppet. i thought michael pena, unfortunately he’splaying another stereotypical mexican, but

i think he did a really good job, he was funny.i didn’t like luis. for me it was over the top he felt like a mexican sambo. i have todisagree with you on this one, i really like luis’ character. he brought this funny newfeel through the movie, throughout the film. especially when he had to explain his littlestories. he’s, i know they utilized him as a comic relief which is fine to propel thestory. but it was just too much towards the end. it was just like, ugghh he’s on screenagain. and then you started laughing every time he got to the end of the story. welli was laughing but my heart was breaking. since you’re our special guest today, whydon’t you go first, what score would you give “ant-man”. i would give it a fourpoint five. the only reason i didn’t give

it a five is because no movie is perfect ithad some flaws, so. the extra point five was for paul rudd is just a good specimen to lookat. but overall, i enjoyed the movie, it was an adventure movie, it was fun. i give thismovie a three out of five. really? wow so low? i mean i enjoyed it but. i would haveto give it a four out of five i agree with everything you said. i think that if marvelis going to constantly make us go see these movies, they need to keep doing differentconcepts, with interesting stuff, smaller movies bigger movies, you know. i’m veryexcited about spiderman because its supposed to be like a john hughes movie, you know yougotta keep doing stuff like that to keep me interested. tell a solid story but reinventit. so i just want to thank horacio for being

here today, it was a real pleasure to haveyou. oh, thank you, i really enjoyed it. you’re welcome to come back anytime. hopefully ifsomething else comes up, we’ll have you here too. and, uh, i want to thank you guysfor watching as well. please comment below, subscribe on our instagram, facebook, twitter,and thanks again guys. see you! bye!

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