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so we have a lot of different partners,the global impact stem academy does, a lot of higher-ed partners.and one of those partners is ohio state university extensionhere in clark county. and we’ve been fortunate to reachout to them and then back to us to figure out how we can connectand also expand program offerings that our students have to otherstudents and the community in general here in clark countyand within the region. the philosophy is to create anenvironment for students that is rigorous and challengingbut yet very relevant to every day

real world experiences.and what we choose as an industry to make that content relevantis the ag. industry so it’s a very broad industry witha lot of opportunities for students, after they graduate,to fill a very high demand workforce, that’s very high skilled and high wage.patty house our local extension agent has contacted and reached out to usand we’ve been able to i guess do some prototypes for different stememergent activities that they have. and our students actually conductthose stem experiments and then we’ve been able to expand on thoseopportunities by having some activities

that we’ve had at the county fairwhere we’ve engaged 4-h members as well as the farm science review.and we’re really just scratching the surface on where this partnership goesand the link between 4-h extension as well as global impact stem academy.the ag. industry is ohio’s largest industry and there are a lot of opportunities andjobs that are going unfilled, high skill, high wage jobs and that we hopeto be able to fill a void within the workplace. and those opportunities are far-reachingfrom a national standpoint, but also a global standpoint.

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