Finding Dory Review

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disney infinity 3.0 – finding dory playset- after hearing about an unexpected flood at the marine life institute, dory, nemo,marlin, and friends rush to the aid of the lost fish to help them find their way to safetybefore the tanks are drained. build a custom reef to help rescued fish,just keep swimming in a classic 2d side-scrolling adventure, guide lost fish to freedom throughmultiple levels, shoot bubbles to stun and eliminate enemiesfinding dory focuses on the amnesiac fish dory, and explores her journey to be reunited with her parents.[8] the film takes place six months[9]after the events of finding nemo, and is set off the coast of california.[10][11] manycharacters from the first film, including dory, nemo, marlin, mr. ray, crush and squirt,all appear in the sequel

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