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hey, what’s up everyone? my name is rav andhappy new year and welcome to another episode of, the six file! ah, it’s a brand new yearand you’ve committed to getting in shape for 2016. and all the best to you in keeping thatresolution. know that you’re not alone in this and that according to, 66%of americans set fitness goals as a part of their new year’s resolution of that 21% resolveto lose weight. now aside from getting new workout attire, a gym membership and goingon the latest, vegan-only, gluten free and carb free diet, you may be interested in pickingup on of those fancy wearables you’ve heard so much about, so you can track your progressbut before you start laying down some cold hard cash or as it’s 2016 swiping some coldhard plastic or using up those gift cards

grandma gave you for christmas, i wanted totake some time to give you some information so you can spend your money wisely or maybenot at all. the biggest question you need to ask yourself is: do i really need one?to help you with this decision, i’ve created a flow chart which i posted on thesixfile.comand you can also find it on my facebook page; both links are down below in the description.the first thing is, do you own a smartphone? most wearables require a smart phone to work,so if you have one, great. then you need to detemine your lifestyle. if you buy an annualgym membership but only use it twice a year, then a wearable may not be for you. i myselflike to work out once a yea, you know, get a really intense burn going that tides meover for the next 364 days, but if you exercise

regularly, or participate in actions thatmakes you break a sweat, then you’re an active person. do you have $100 to spare? to geta very good wearable, then you’re looking at spending something in that ballpark. areyou committed to wearing it 24/7? to get the most out of your wearable, you’ll likely bewearing them around the clock, as they not only track your daily activity, but some youcan buy can actually track your sleep. so if you’re not comfortable wearing jewellrywhile you sleep, this may not be for you. and finally, is sharing your progress withother people important to you? a lot of these devices have features so that you can shareyour progress with your friends and family on facebook and then there’s also the addedfactor that once you’re wearing it, they become

a conversation piece, and people will askyou about it. if you said yes to all of these things, then congratulations, a fitness wearableis probably right for you. ok so now you’ve decided that you need a wearable, the nextquestion you need to figure out is what kind do you buy. if you go to your local best buy,it can be extremely overwhelming as it feels like there are hundreds to choose from. thereare two main types of wearables, well three but we’ll get to that one in a minute. thereare pedometers which has the basic function of tracking foot steps then on the other endof the spectrum, there are smart watches, which not only tracks you activity, but extendsthe functionality of your smart phone. in between those two categories are fitness trackers,which some may offer smart watch functions

such as call and text message notificationsbut also they act as dedicated fitness devices like the pedometer. for the casual consumer,you’ll likely need the following function while everything else are just bells and, step counting, distance travelled, calories burning and perhaps maybe your heart rate,with all the options out there, i recommend the fitbit charge. it offers the basics ijust mentioned and is simple enough to wear along side your day to day timepiece. thisone i picked up cost me around $120 canadian, which is about $87 usd. things are expensivein canada. this one also has some additional features such as stairs climbed, active minutes,and sleep monitoring, which i found to be the most intriguing and useful function ofall because it tells me how restless i am

during the night and lets me take some necessaryprecautions in order to make sure i get some restful sleep. the version i picked up doesn’thave heart rate monitoring, which can be found on the next device up, the charge hr, buti decided i really didn’t need it. my one criticism of the fitbit charge was that it’snot waterproof it’s actually splash proof, so you can’t go swimming with it. if that’san activity you like to take part in, you may want to look elsewhere for another device.and a word of advice to those of you who are looking to buy one, if you have a friend thathas one, ask them if you can try it on because the one i picked up is size small becausei have rather petite wrists for some reason, but i find it to be a little bit too, in hindsight i probably would’ve gone

with a larger size. while the fitbit chargeonly gives you some basic info onboard the device itself, all the data is collected andhoused in the fitbit app, which wireless syncs to your device and provides you with someneat charts so that you can analyze the data. and this is common among a lot of wearablestoday. you can also get more information by going to the website and accessing your accounton as is the case with many wearables, you can connect with your friends who alsohave fitbits and participate in challenges to see if you can outdo them in steps. whichmakes it fun, and keeps you motivated as well. if the fitbit charge is out of your pricerange, like i said earlier, this is such a wide category that you can get one on thecheap as there are tons of brands out there

that offer similar functions that will suityour needs. in fact, take a stroll down the cereal aisle of your local grocery store,as there are a few cereal boxes out there right now that have either pedometers in thebox like a prize or have coupon offers you can redeem to get a fitness tracker. and also,check out your smart phone, chances are if it’s a couple of years old, it probably alreadytracks your activity already so you likely don’t need a dedicated device. and yes i knowsometime people like to leave their phones in their gym bags, and there’s a ton of youout there that use your phone to listen to music as well. and then there’s the smallpercentage of you that like to take selfies while you work out; ahem, everyone on instagram.and if you’re worried about the free device,

or your smart phone maybe not being as accurateas a wearable, i think you’re missing the point as to why these things actually existin the first place. they’re not meant to be precise measurements, rather just a reminderto help motivate you to be active. when i decided that i wanted to make a video aboutfitness trackers, i went in with the mindset to prove that they don’t do anything at alland they have no benefit to your health, but after a week of owning one, i actually dolike it. i have to say that now i’m very aware of my activity level and that i find thatexceeding my daily goal is somewhat rewarding. my advice to you is if you’re going to divein and buy one, i suggest that you go all in and really make the most of your wearableand do everything that the required app gives

you. so, plug in your daily food and waterconsumption, try to get the most activity in to exceed your caloric intake, and takepart in the challenges and connect with your friends that own wearables or if the havethe same one that you do, then even better. so if you’re interested in getting one, iput some links down into the description below so you can check out which one is right foryou. i included the fitbit charge, which is the one i’m currently wearing, it comes ina couple of different colours and a few different sizes as well. and i also included some otherones that i found to be interesting and quite useful, that i got some good feedback fromreading reviews and checking some other youtube channels. but, check it out, everything isdown there below and i think right now there’s

some good deals out there that will give yousome good value for your money. if you like this video, give it a thumbs up, if you didn’tlike it, give it a thumbs down, i really don’t mind. if you could do me a huge favour andsubscribe to this channel, it’s a single click but it lets me know that you like the contentand it’s worth all the effort that i put into them. and i hope to see you very soon. thankyou very much for watching and i’ll catch you later.

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