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hi everyone. so today we’re taking a lookat the style inspire express smartphone case from olixar. now this has been provided to us by mobile fun. a big thank you to mobile fun as always for sending this out to us. now this is your leather-style executive type case for the galaxy s6 and it’s actually pretty nice. it’s a lightweight yet fairly sturdy faux leather case. it hasthat faux leather plastically sort of smell going on. now popping your smartphone in is as simple as opening it up, popping it onto the clam shell and

just pressing from the sides. and it will go in nice and snugly. more importantly it’s not coming out of the clam shell with a bit of a shake. as we’ve seen with some of these otherclam shells they can unfortunately not be too good but here it is absolutely spot on. now you also have space for business cards and credit cards inside here and they’ve provided a speaker hole there so that you can still hear people if you happen to pick up the device and want to use it in, well, a closedstate.

now the back of the device does provideplenty of space for the galaxy s6 camera and more importantlythe camera is now nicely recessed. it can’t be contacted as it were if it was to bedropped on the back end. ports at the bottom aren’t obscured because, well, there is nothing obscuring the ports, it’s as simple as that really. it’s a nice case, it feels really good in the hand as well andthat extra grip from the faux leather does mean you’re not going to be dropping the galaxy s6 anytime soon. overall a nice little case for the price.

i’ve seen worse in these faux leatherclamshell designs. it certainly does what it says on thetin, it provides good protection at a reasonable price and moreimportantly it looks pretty stylish while it’s doing it. if you’re in the market for a businessstyle case for your galaxy s6 do give these ones a bit of a look.

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