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hello welcome to what the fuck andprestigious as and this is a lot of that we are told playing a post apocalypticwasteland went well and didn’t as i did that gets talked about it it will andthat an actor missile expand uh… which can you remember whodirected the film uh… one night and asking for anydocument johnny at afraid left we have heard equipment butcredit to him for bringing us a post apocalyptic worldon film because digestion israel’s fluctuate to see that

daddy issues of palestine instancesblackwell will get to work how the film uh… a locked in and now with more about where we havefive hundred released a comparatively nova that’s no longer small sample size ofpost apocalyptic movies this is a story of uh… will smith in his uh… family user the general and the spokes apocalypticworld apparently had to be a general when you’re like

thirty-three pack up once the apocalypsecomes but most importantly we’re no longer on earth the uh… because of uh… a terrible evil monsters that have trained to kill humans based on the fearthat humans admit through prayer moans uh… we’ve settled with all the humansof car have moved to a new colony and elat really doesn’t make anydifference because will attend jaden somehow end up basketball arced and they’re the onlytwo people there

and they must rely upon each other tosurvive and stay away from the horrible monsterscalled persons syntactic is the name of the general planet of the also latin for bear also latin forprayer hinton dispersed three things physical

must’ve review misunderstand me danger through the isn’t true district sell out of this is three spectacularly terrible and nitin

finance engine and look great effects actuallyt_v_ and the worst part of our the best part of our is it is the shamewest vehicle for will smith to get backinside who works like a gallon version im can cell actually this is a narcissisticopportunity from last night to go back and revisit his youth and saying not desperate that our planet also it’s your system andthat is in any benefit

but so far for we get into the world’sfirst off what’s left for making up for a positive hang over it naka how are you still friend of ours at thelast night as the critics and review that’s that’s true not retracing theroute spotlight movie forty three dash and i don’t know that position toquestion anyway hangover too uh… have this first i don’t i do not it is giving your pleasure whatsoever toread them a fifteen-year-old for dan dot military movie

jealousness is not actor enough to do what he has demandedimmunity they demand a lot of him because here’s he spends most movie byhimself with no one to play off of he spends most of the movie probably infront of green screens are responding to you know animals are affects river therepair and uh… you know it’s a challengingrole when he’s just not varan planetware and and and and andthat this is this it is vehicle for him it is not ready for is not the intendedi don’t know that he wasn’t sent

terrible added i didn’t just won’t printnguyen really range guided by a crazy couple preference wewant and uh… the when they have the big emotional argument before he jumpedoff with yet another challenge yet that i was with cynthia it was just like you is something at least detaineesoverloading badly yeltsin but there were other moments in it wherehe’s fine i mean like if i were inviting him in his father worked famous i would be like knocking backing like your find your but you get anyother people the playoff you can easily

this is a and as soon as this is a particularly demanding role they’re the only two people really inthe whole movie their couple scenes with the wife but they’re the only realcharacters in the movie in and arresting era and for an hour and ten fifteenminutes the bulk of the movie it’s just that they’re not on screen again registrar into each other’s also this is weird kinda intermittentsouth african accents but it didn’t say

it is doing and there’s a lot of wayssurvey beginning explained what had happened to bert them where they are now and about a whatever issues some of theworst generation ever around outside of mister sightseers rather than writing abad man accent is visa all over the place but also it is aweird thing to say on mixing reckon within a stand what he was seeing andwhether it’s a little modeling alone and eliminates when i get conscious hari events as itgets archit dot and it is that what you stderr them was that they were excited

or something nice for trade utilizingrage of illegal when i you don’t know that one on the other day all of this weirdaccidentally decided the future of talk was going to be this sort of vaguelysouth african vaguely kentucky but with a little harvardthrough email addresses agony actions would go away and he wouldn’t retain anyaction from your world in a future with asato accents work so was just it it was incredibly silly silly decisionjust abt people

talk you know i don’t have benefitedyou’re gonna do you have to go all the way like in the car park orange you knowand i didn’t have an entire path why here are very very or even though itbroke right our standard that in the last part but it’s like uh… you can’t you can’tdo it a little cousin is comes off as ridiculous a fact and national under tothe city like clearly they are trying to hide injapanese such as that this film is plants will smith is a status gaynowhere is it like band that director brian you

leucine and i don’t think that was madeat some point at the beginning with governor but cannot let me jump into thealerted for will campaign yeah ship donna like who second and then depressed or w mindis netanyahu signature of here better or you could argue that like thelast airbender this is a this is sort of a children’scrusade of a kid you know force in the wilderness to like you know rescue

somebody and dad visual effect that’sdelta gardens in three d yahoo headbands and i’ll say it mean amply there is nogratuitous like pulling the rug out from underneath that’s like well and gene are not the same person oryou know there’s no shocker ending position briefly but things i likedabout it i was interested in how it came out which is why i’m gonna give it a higherrate than either you guys like i was i didn’t know whether they would both liberal dial onewould live one would die as you know

whether there’d be some supreme sacrifice madeby one and i was mildly interested and all of them opal moments uh… he tried to scare us like where they’d be a little momentwhere you know they you cut quickly in somebody’s rightthere error with the there’s a condo ran atthe present moderately interesting role to play itbecome more fire hydrants i’d like to

break three times i was like but i think i didn’t get i know under a couple of those and ithought the the big uh… the big flying sequence where he jumps off the cliff inhas thus the squirreled outfit on cookbook goes well beyond that what ihave a lot of pestilence does that out that high well the citizen modifying itself the whole time the the the and generous might say thatthe suit has more rains and jim smith

thank god it changes color is it likeyou know it’s it’s constantly like science ng itself and becoming a newthing side that did that involved but i thinkthey’re how turned up and that’s what kept me from totally but is you can’t talk about the suitlike everything it looks shitty everything with that and also in this post apocalyptic world intheir there on earth yeah after orthotic that uh… they’reback on earth from there from their themselves historic earththreat posed to store

where it doesn’t here is a veryevolution is a strong crazy everything’s different britan but everything was everything was super small we never got uh… being shot of anything except whenyou give us really big shots from which didn’t seemreal that the wife aleks working on the water like he’d look at you get here youcome to the top of the mountain resort and i don’t see this year and a shot ofeverything but other than that it always felt like it was in a box thathe was running in a box you never got a

sense of how big the fourth he wasrunning and or anything like that it felt super narrow and then it was almost like he recognized on their own twice and so they know what i need a panoramicshadow cabinet was allowed let’s show it to you jp instead of giving us somesense of proportion of arafat that many explained on our way is at the verybeginning you know we have to go on a hundred kilometer track

the partnership will smith is to thetail wagging the dog make maybe that’s the only thing i think that we havethat’s why it’s okay to not have it just never there was never a moment where youwere scared based on where he was like he never sort of that never became part of the diskunfamiliar terrain or anything there’s nothing cool that happened it is cold journey really except thatthe the jump in the flight dordrecht says there’s a question so you have a uh… the uh… ab homingbeacons

that that the the independent throughthe atmosphere and you have to climb up something told reporters signal the holybegins it goes into it because millions ofmiles snap you have a choice between our regular mount a map and i’ll live bulkemail dr which one do you call right now and ijust want to you and i guess right kit dot the yeah i got it medicare as we talk aboutthe fact that the home of the is like scientology allegory

but i was wondering about that senator it offline talent it’s all about how youknow uh… the the notion that the dangerous real fear is all on you you know it’s like chooses yay andsurrounding side tactical lettering card exited from a number of president allover this city is entertaining is battlefield earth and being disappointedundivided practicality ally right-handed at something into abstinence uh… i’dlike that we have numbers but and i i did like out there’s a momentword gene by the way you know that the key toplace thirteen-year-old jane there’s a

couple flash back to you is named as an actor named jaden yakima their j nathi jane martin or shutdown but i like when jane got uh… i have a large degree action the end ofsave himself at some point to their site yet and he gets all swollen danny lookedlike will smith in fish happening is that a lot of but he didjames how do these special days will decide to take some federal moneybecause that’s it in about five

uh… anyway so um… this anjelica huston sofia coppolaembarrass themselves their dads movies and then went on a beverly great careers anything could happen with james reallyi don’t think that that agent is a bad movie and i don’t know that anybodycould have made it under considering what it was like so you know these areinstead wasn’t there was a great and i give it a four point four until it comesto crime by taking them back not articles that could have to go threepoint two is rather a few moments that

are sort of effective and there were there was an idea or two buried in therethe scene but you could have built into something interesting about did can just interested in it for alittle bit still some and it’s not long so amberflooring epitome met that theydid two hours in the eye beginner one point flicks like i’m in family sectors aregoing to happen and whatever they have attended one

once again dot com and the tough critic but i don’t i don’tknow how happy i you need to atone twenty fourteen to salvage that holy time two point nine four a now where is intimately forty we missyou next week it’s made a mere numbers thirteen percent nobody

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