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hello this is dano unnie jessie~ today i’ve brought a qna lot of you have been asking about recently, i received many questions about garcinia diet. garcinia diet is getting popular does this really work? i saw the reviews and i’m thinking of trying them. other similar questions were, will banana vinegar work? should i try pineapple vinegar? what do you think? or does diet pills really work? i am getting many questions like this. it makes you wanna try, but don’t really know whether it’ll work. things that are popular these days, like garcinia cambogia or vinegars well, popular diet has always changed from time to time.

sometimes, protein powder was popular, or certain kind of food,one food diet was popular, or diet pills were once popular too. with overloading amount of information, the trend keeps on changing. and i think certain kinds of food or diet pills saying they help with diet constantly comes out. now i’m at dano office. and we have criteria for determining whether it’s a good diet or not i’ll introduce you to dano style diet criteria. come and follow me. when you look at this, danology. it’s a criteria for determining healthy diet

from dano mindset. there’ll be many different kinds of diet methods in your lifetime and i think when you refer to these criteria, you’ll be able to figure out whether it’s an appropriate and healthy diet method for yourself. first, trust. whether this information or product is reliable. you have to consider whether this information or this diet method is from a reliable source. for example, if this information or method is something that came out to promote certain company or product, you’ll need to think again. because it’s an information made for profit and commercial value. also, people are most confused with reviews when it comes to trust issue.

we need reviews on internet saying how much weight they’ve lost through this product, and think oh i should buy this too. this is coz we believe this review with full trust. but unless this review is from reliable source like you friends or you mom, and it’s just a review on internet, you’ll need to consider it more and look into whether this review has been written for commercial purpose. one of the good example about this trust issue is denmark diet. a lot of you including me have heard about how effective denmark diet is and tried it .

but when you look at how this information and this diet came from, it was known as a diet menu to feed patients in a denmark hospital but no hospitals in denmark turned out to have made this and used it for patients. the professor who was known to make this menu turned out fake also. so i think it’s important to reconsider all sources of information we once believed to be true and think about why is this, is this really true, on what scientific grounds? second, practicality. whether it’s realistic. for example, you have a close friend, and she lost weight by eating only chicken breast salad,

tomatoes and sweet potatao. she lost a lot of weight coz she’s done it for 3 months. this is reliable information. but you have to think about whether you can do it too. she have to check it. for example she’s a jobseeker so she has lots of time at home so she can control her own menu and doesn’t have too many appointments, so she can focus on maintaining the diet menu. but you have to work or have to eat out so you can’t keep that method. then this isn’t practical for you and it’ll be hard in reality. another example, diet that celebrity do.

celebrities mostly have their own trainers, and they have to be infront of the camera, take photo or videos, so they have to do diet and take care of themselves 365days. so they have to nearly starve, and this isn’t pratical in reality. to us, having a great meal with friends is important and working out 2 hours everyday isn’t easy but do we need to follow this? i don’t think so. so whether you can really do this in reality is important. and third, it’s getting more important. happiness. whether you can enjoy and be happy doing this.

for example, somone lost a lot of weight doing crossfit. but i don’t have that much muscle and crossfit is too intense for me . i wasn’t happy doing it at all. i didn’t feel like i was enjoying myself. the atmosphere wasn’t my style. if you feel that, rather than sticking to that method, find other excercises that fit you but i believe when you do that, you can really find workouts that you’ll feel good with. i think it’s important to find ways that you can feel happy with. it’s the same for menu too. starving yourself and doing intense diet will definitely bring

results, but if it’s a way to suppress your desire for food, this postponed desire will burst one day. so i believe that you have to be happy when you eat food. this is a way to maintain diet constantly, so make a rule like you’re eating anything you want once a day, but exact one portion. so really consider whether you can maintain this menu for 3months, 6months with out any desire dissatisfaction, but with happiness. and lastly fourth, this is the most important one. sustainability i want you to think whether it’s a method you can keep doing for your lifetime. put your hand on you chest and think.

there are diet pills, but can you really buy and eat this for your entire life? can you really give up eating all the good food and eat that rather, i would choose changing my appetite and eating habit and maintain that for my lifetime while enjoying some good food. i think that is mentally and physically healthy way of doing diet. so if you’re hesistant with the recently popular diet method, and you’re thinking out opening your wallet, remember these dano style diet criteria and if you think you can do this, do it, if you think you can’t don’t.

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