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"there are no certainties, that is the only certainty." damn, that’s a good line! damn! hello! that was a lot of hands. i recently finished this book right here called where i lost her by t. greenwood it’s a mystery novel! wwhhhhooo! it’s about a woman who

is unable to have children. there’s other events in her past involving children that really left her pretty scarred. and she’s in an unhappy marriage and lots of stuff’s going on. she and her husband go to visit friends for the weekend. at, like, 11:30 at night she’s driving in her car back to her friends place from the store just down the road and she sees this little three-year-old girl

with no top on, in a little tutu and rubber boots. all alone. three-years-old in the middle of the night, essentially. the girl…she tries to get the little girl to safety to get her in the car, to find out what’s wrong. but the little girl ends up getting spooked and running into the woods that’s just off the road and disappears. throughout the story you are questioning what’s going on, what’s happening, who this little girl is,

at one point you might even question if the little girl even existed or if it was conjured up by tess. something that i really enjoyed was the fact that even though there was something this huge going on, and it is the main.. it is the main centre point for the story, this missing girl that you know, no one’s reported missing

but that this one witness has seen and there’s no other witness saying they’ve seen this three-year-old girl. there’s still other storylines going on within the character of tess. you know, you have her marriage you end up having something else that happens later on involving her husband,

you have stuff going on with her friend’s family. you have all these different things, plus you have her memories and, so, you get a lot information and it’s really, like, intertwined there’s a huge variety of characters you meet. there’s some that you love right away, such as tess’s best friend, effie, and her family.

there’s some where you kind of question you question them a bit. there’s others that you like but because of how tess sees them you also, kind of, dislike but you understand them. and then there’s other where, there’s one character in particular

i don’t like to use the word "hate" u m so, if this hand is love and this hand is hate i’m, like, a notch this way from hate for this one character. he’s just so cruel. so cruel! and i’m not going to say anymore about him because i am going to encourage you to read this book. i did have a lot of trouble reading this book.

not because of the vocabulary. it was very easy that way. you know, you definitely did not need to look up every other word. it’s a very modern book. so, basically, if you have any concept of the modern english language you’re fine nor was it her writing style as far as structure. it didn’t go all over the place

you didn’t, i didn’t get confused that way. what made it difficult for me to read was there were moments where it was like "ah! i can’t put the book down!" and then…. flat line. and it was really hard to read. and if i put the book down, a lot of times it was difficult to pick it back up and start reading it again. then you’d read for a while and

within a couple of pages, i’d be back into it. and then "ah! something’s happening! oh my gosh!" and then flatline. i realize in life, that’s kind of how life is where there’s moments where you do go crazy. whether it’s your heart racing or there’s a lot of chaos around you or whatever and there’s just a lot going on and other times it’s just

*whistle* but when i read, i like to be captivated all the time. i don’t like to have those flat moments. those flat moments make it really hard for me to want to pick the book up and finish it. i usually always do, because that’s just the way i am, but yeah, i don’t really like those flat moments. just because it had flat moments for me doesn’t mean it will have them for you.

that’s my one complaint because otherwise i did enjoy the book. throughout the entire novel you are questioning this lost girl. whether she exists, whether she doesn’t. you get the whole town involved in it you get law enforcement involved. you get tess’s husband and her friends involved. you get this entire group of people involved and you see it all through tess’s eyes. it pulls at your heart strings a little bit because we all know that in real life there are those people

who respond to things in different ways how we might all unite and then there’s that second there is even a hint of doubt you know, madness ensues or whatever. it was a really enjoyable read as far as the storyline. i did want to finish it because i did want to know what happened to the little girl, what happens to tess.

there’s another part of the story that reveals, uh, that’s about something that happened when tess and her husband, jake, were unable to conceive a child. and there was something else that they did that ended up not working out for them. i won’t say what. but it really scars tess

and to find out how that ended up going and why it scarred her so much it takes you the whole book to figure that out. you know from the very beginning that something went wrong. you know something hurt her really really bad. you know something affected her so deeply that for eight years she has not been able to let go. but you don’t know exactly what it is.

and that part of the storyline is just told by, like, a couple pages here and then you have a chunk of modern day and then you have her recalling that again for a page or two and then back looking for the lost girl for a chunk. tess was definitely a very strong individual. i questioned her a few time, and i think that’s what greenwood wanted you to do is question her and question her sanity, question what she saw but

her journey was very increadible and to see where it started to where it ended up at the end, it was kind of like woah! where i lost her by t. greenwood. it’s a great mystery. and, yeah. so happy reading


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