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to apply our mission camo film to your firearm,you will need the following items; denatured alcohol, a sharp hobby knife, a lint freecleaning cloth, and the edge detail tool included with your mission camo film. to begin, apply denatured alcohol to the lint-freecleaning cloth, and thoroughly clean all surfaces to which the camo film will be applied. separate one of the smaller sections of filmfrom the main sheet, and lay the film on the work table with the pattern side down. then, peel off the backing sheet, and centerthe slide on the film with the adhesive side up. now, cut away small sections of film at thecorners as shown, to ensure a clean corner

fit, and fold the trimmed sheet around theslide, pulling the film slightly as you fold. this will ensure the film adheres to the edgestightly. note: overlap the corners, and rub them firmlyto seal the edge of the film. this will help prevent the film from peelingback during use. with all sides of the slide covered, rub thefilm down firmly along the length of the slide, pressing out any air bubbles that may haveformed under the film. with the film firmly pressed and stretchedaround the slide, use the hobby knife to trim away the excess film along the edges. be sure to trim away excess film from allthe edges and openings in the slide, then

smooth out any remaining air bubbles trappedunder the film. use the included detailing tool to definegrooves, edges and other features, being careful not to tear the film. to smooth out air bubbles in the film afterapplication, pierce the bubble with the hobby knife to release the trapped air, and thenrub the area flat. the slide application is now complete. to apply film to the frame of your firearm,first thoroughly clean the frame with denatured alcohol. as with the slide, peel away the backing sheetfrom the film, and position the sheet over the frame with the adhesive side down.

start by rubbing the film down firmly on allof the flat areas, pushing outward from the middle to reduce the formation of air pockets. follow up with the included detailing tool,to define the edges and other frame features. with the film firmly bonded to the flat surfaces, stretch-wrap the film around the sides of the frame. for a cleaner fit, make relief cuts as shownso the film is free to fold around corners and edges without excessive stretching. then use your thumb to smooth the film downaround all the edges and corners, until the entire left side of the frame is tightly coveredin film, down to the center line of the frame. now, use the hobby knife to cut away the filmbelow the centerline, leaving enough past

the centerline to overlap the film from theright side. this will help prevent the film from separatingalong the center line seam. finally, cut away the film from the innerareas of the trigger guard, magazine well, mag catch, pin holes, and all other openingsin the frame, as shown. repeat the process on the right side, andthe frame wrap is complete. rub and smooth the film as needed, to bringout detail. a heat gun set on low will soften the filmslightly, making it easier to reveal detail in the frame. the camo film application is now complete.

unlike permanent custom finishes, you caneasily change finishes on your firearm using this simple procedure, and our large selectionof mission camo patterns. for more information about this or other products, chat live with our experts now!

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