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a budget crisis. koco’s crystal price is live at the capitol with their message for lawmakers. crystal. crystal: hundreds of people were out here earlier today. many of them are families,

fearful of what will happen t their loved ones if the medicaid cuts go into effect. more than 300 families packed the south plaza today calling for lawmakers to fix the medicaid crisis. >> medicaid matters. we believe this.

we live this, and our legislators need to know this. crystal: as provider reimbursement rates for medicaid may be cut by 25%, these families are asking lawmakers to back a proposal for a cigarrette tax increase that will help pay for the medicaid rebalancing act

of 2020. if nothing is done, rural hospitals, nursing homes and mental health clinic’ s may be in danger of closing. >> i really hope legislators are hearing us today. crystal: lori wathen’s

13-year-old son receives speech care through medicaid. if the proposed cuts go into effect, she fears the clinic her son goes to will have to close . >> and so i don’t know where my son would get speech therapy. >> this is a life matter for us.

this is a matter of where people are going to be neglected, be without some of the most basic, medical care in their life it’s a crucial issue. crystal: legislators have until the end of the month to take action. if they don’t, those proposed

medicaid cuts are set to take effect june 1.

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