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[music] hi, there.rachel from geek unicorn. today i’m going to show youhow to create a quick link for customers to leave agoogle review for your business. now if you don’t already have agoogle business page you definitely want to go get one especially if you are abrick and mortar building where – or you have an office because you can certainlytake advantage of location-based search engine optimization.

but even if you don’t have abrick or mortar business it really helps to improve youroverall brand presence by having a google business page. and what’s really importantto add credibility to that business page isto have reviews. if you were to just sort ofsay to a customer after completing a service with them, "hey, could you go leave a reviewon my google business page?" that’s all well and good, but nowyou’ve just introduced to this person

several steps that they have togo through in order to do that. so let me show you hereif i had asked you to go leave a review for geek unicorn. you’d have to type ingeek unicorn. you’d have to lookover here, and then it’s not really likeobvious where to go. so i see here, it’s reviews andthen write a review. then i have to sort of choose whatstar rating to give you. if you’ve ever sort of been in thecustomer service industry,

you’ll know that getting a five-star review or a 100% or anything like that is actually really hard because there’s no clear… the distinction between star ratingsfor each individual person is very unique and particular. some customers wouldn’toverlook even the slightest miscommunication or errorthat was made and therefore give youa four or a three. and that could be something thatwas even outside of your control.

like let’s say, i don’t know, your email servers went downor something one day and you didn’t get their emailor whatever it is, or… you know you didn’t have yourholiday hours posted and they tried to call and youguys were closed. and you know those aren’tnecessarily things that constitutes you beinga bad business, but that may be something that,that makes them start to think about "oh, i’m not going to givethem a five-star".

and you want a five-star rating, especially if you’re -if you’re good at what you do. so we want to actually populate afive-star rating automatically. that way we’re goingto take away – what we’re essentially creatingis this right here. this, this pop-up right hereis just going to pop up with the five-star rating with the option to start typingwhatever they want. "was great." and then they all they have to dois hit post or add an image

or whatever they want to do, okay?so that’s the idea. okay, so let’s head on over tomy browser here. now you’ll notice at the topwe’ve got this in the, in the url,in the, in the browser… or in the (laughing) address bar…oh my goodness.. we’ve got this question markgws underscore already equals ssl… get rid of that. so i want to make sure that itjust says the okay, and this is just importantbecause we want to clean up

the link that we’re going to generate. oops, so we’re going toput geek unicorn. and you can see here,my url is very – is still very clean. i’m going to hit the google reviewsand then write a review. and then i’m going tocopy this link… and i’m going to put itin a notepad and i’m going to adda five to the end. now the five at the endis your star rating. so, you can have this be a two,or a three, or a four,

or a one or nothing. but obviously you want people tostart putting in a five-star rating. so i’m going to go ahead andput that into a new window and you can see here itpopulates right up. i’m just going to double checkit in explorer and just double checkthat it works. and i’m signed in with a differentgoogle…google – gmail account. and yes, i can see that it works,it’s populated the five stars…etc, etc. okay, so i’m going to cancel that.

so i’ve got my link. now i’m going to go into google link shortener because if you were to send that link,that big long link to somebody else, i mean like it’s long and bulky and… so let’s just, let’s just shortenthat link up for people. and here it is right here. i’m going to hit that copy button. and it’s been copied,and you can see here that when i paste it outit’s going to go right to.

there we go! and so you want to now craft your follow up emails withcustomers and clients, or if you do workshops orwhatever and… send them that url,just that little short url saying, "hey, can you leave me a business,a review? thanks so much." now another thing you can do is if you are a brick and mortar business, you can turn that urlinto a qr code

that you can then add to… well, you could add to your receiptsif that’s – if you’re able to. or you can add to, you know, like a little sign up by your counter. so if you just go to qr code… qr code generator -it doesn’t really matter. they’re all sort of the same. then i can put my link in there. and then i’m just going tosave it wherever.

save it on my desktop. and you can see here thati generated this little qr code that you can then put on to a… like a poster by your cash and ask customers to scan itand leave a review, because this link alsoworks in mobile. alright, so that is it. i hope you enjoyed that. let me know if you have anyquestions, comments, concerns.

and make sure you go out andget those google reviews because they’re going tohelp you in your business. they’re going to help your seo. they’re going to help withyour client acquisition. it’s all around a good thing. ok, bye! [music]

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