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gta 5 hi everyone. so did rockstar gimp the visuals in gta 5 for xbox one? well, looking at thedigital foundry video it would certainly seem that the levelof detail, the lod in foliage in some parts of the gta 5 world are not as good on xbox one, or ascomplete might we say as they are on ps4. now this maybe shouldn’t be surprising as the architecture of both consoles isradically different when it comes to

how fast information can be accessed bymemory. gta 5 it may be that the xbox one was justgiving it a little bit too much pop-up when you were moving through the outside world as it were, those hills and forest areas, that it wasn’t a great experience. too much pop-up and not enough smoothness as you’re walking around now it does certainly seem like theplaystation 4 is cramming a lot more detail on-screen in these big outdoor areas, but at no pointis it compromised within some of the smaller

inner-city areas. the level of detail isabsolutely identical. this does seem to be something of atessellation thing more than anything else, that rockstar really didn’t want there to befoliage popping-up for just a few feet in front of you in order to have the same level of detail as the ps4. for my mind it doesn’t change thegaming experience in the slightest and it doesn’t reallyimpact the visuals that much at all, gta 5 bearing in mind that you have to walk into the wilderness and to the top of the hill to kind of get any difference withinthe

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