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other side of the door was directed by johannesroberts. it stars sarah wayne callies who you may remember from walking dead she starsas maria, jeremy sisto who you may recognise from law and order as michael and sofia rosinskyas lucy. following the death of michael and maria’s son in a tragic car accident mariais presented with an opportunity to speak with her son one last time, for one last goodbye.there is however one rule which when broken results in an upset between the balance oflife and death. so immediately whenever i see a horror movie that’s rated 15 in theuk i start to get a little bit worried, you know if your horror movie isn’t an 18 theni’m not quite sure it’s going to scare an adult. this one lived up to my fears, thereis no real acting talent in this movie, which

you find with a lot of horror films, whetherthat’s because there isn’t much acting to do it’s all about just being scared or whetherthat’s just because horror movies don’t get the budget to get real talent in there. whatit results in is undeveloped characters and characters that you don’t care for. if youdon’t care for a character that’s in a situation that’s scary that situation isn’t scary. thejumps were expected, underwhelming and textbook. the score did nothing to build up the suspenseand i genuinely think in a horror movie the scores just as important as the director,the actors, the story. if you can get that score right you can have a terrifying movie.the hardest scene to watch was when the little boy dies it’s not scary it’s just she hasto neglect him in the car to save herself

and her other child and then obviously shecan’t go back into the water, no one will let her because the likelihood is she won’tcome back out. i found the film pretty boring and pretty slow. i wasn’t impressed by itat all, there were that one good scene with the child drowning in the car that reallyhad me biting my finger nails but thats the way it starts and it goes down hill from there.i’m going to give it a 4.5 out of 10 and when will i rewatch it? lets face it i’m not goingto. this review was taken from monday the 7th of march’s movie review show, where ireviewed hail caesar which you can catch here if you click here and i also reviewed londonhas fallen which you can catch here if you click here. please remember to subscribe tomy channel, like the video if you liked the

video, don’t like the video if you didn’tlike the video, simple. got anything to say about the video, if you want to start a conversation,if you want to review my review or wish that i’d have gone further somewhere or you disagreedwith me in a certain place, comment below let me know and let’s get a conversation started.so as always, you’ve been awesome, i hope i’ve been awesome and until next time, catchyou later!

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