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hey all, scrye here with another episode ofmoogle squad. and this one is actually a little bit different and it was a idea… i wishi could say it was a drunk idea but uhh it was not. it was completely sober idea whenwe decided to do this. basically what happened was the moogle of our group said "hey i havea great idea" and i’m like "what?" and it’s like "what if we got drunk and retold thestoryline of a given game." and i’m like "you mean like drunk history from comedy central.""yeah just like drunk history" and i said "that is a great idea, let’s do it." so thisis going to be completely unedited and hilarious, like i was… it is a little bit cringe worthyi’ll even say that. i was like oh wow i can’t believe i got that drunk. for me, i don’tget drunk often. you saw me get a little tipsy

during five nights at freddy’s for halloweenbut this is a new level for me. and anyway, as you can see was joined in the studio forthis little intro and outro today with this guy. he just would not sleep. so without furtherado, here is our content. l-let go… jesus i just needed to press not record. heeeeey.this is fae the moogle. i’ve been drinking. and i have a bucket friend with me and i amhere to read to you the story of amnesia: the dark descent. so daniel this guy who wakesup in this castle not remembering anything. and he finds this note that tells him to gokill this dude named alexander. there’s no particular reason why, it just says go killthis guy. so daniel goes through this castle that’s full of monsters and goo and lots ofother scary stuff. all the while, he tries

to figure out who this alexander guy is andwhy he wants to kill this guy. so he finds out that he was part of this this this thingwhere he finds this orb and he uhhh… he takes it with him and he ends up being chasedby this this this spirit that is the guardian of this orb and wants to kill daniel now.so this dude alexander is like "come stay with me, i’ll keep you safe. you delicatelittle thing, you." so daniel stays with alexander in this castle full of monsters and alexanderis like "to keep the spirit away, we need to sacrifice these criminals." except theseare not criminals that he has, they are just ordinary people he picked up from the streetsomehow. and daniel doesn’t realize this til he kills this little girl at which point he’slike "oh god i kill people!" so he takes the

amnesia potion and leaves himself the note.so he goes to alexander to take him down and he’s… alexander is in the middle of thisritual to do something and then and then daniel uhhh daniel (slight pause) daniel uhhh (laughing)daniel daniel daniel kills alexander with the spirit and leaves the castle alive…i think. really? uh i think that’s it. thank you everyone for watching, have a good night.alright idon’t remember whose idea this was but it was a good one and i’m okay with itand but i still feel like the moogle forgot something. and these lights are incrediblybright. turn off the lights. yeah yeah cool. alright (singing) oh christmas tree, you’resuch a pwetty christmas tree (laughing) y’all people are fucked up. (coughing) alright ilost my cap i lost my cap. okay if i remember

correctly it’s sometime in august that a dudenamed daniel and he’s from london londan… londaaan… lundan… he wakes in this castlein prussia or something with no memory of what the fuck is going on and all he can rememberis his name. for some reason that’s the one thing he remembers even though if i remembercorrectly he takes an amnesia potion. how da fuck you suppose to remember your name.the point of it is amnesia potion. no fucking sense! and that he lives in mayfair and somethingis hunting him. that makes no sense that he could remember these things like again amnesiapotion. uhhh shortly after awakening, daniel finds a note written to himself, apparentlyhe recognizes his handwriting cuz clearly he knows what his handwriting is and that’show he learns that his memory’s been erased

and that he needs to kill this alexander dude.anyway exploration to the castle is about a journey of his own memories and shit andhe unravels the mysteries of this i wanna say its this brennen burgh castle or someshit like that. and he finds himself hunted by this weird creature that is hovering aroundthis orb or something. i’m sorry i didn’t catch that. shut the fuck up, cortana! (laughing)um um okay uh more courage juice… and there’s all these different types of creatures like one that looked like a fucked up versionof the villain from uh nightmare. the boogeyman! looks like a fucked up version of the boogeymanfrom nightmare before christmas. and then there’s this creature that you can’t see butit’s inside the water and eats human’s limbs and there’s another creature that i can’tremember what it looks like. and then there’s

another creature… i was going somewherewith this. anyway! anyway. uhm he finally figures out that this orb is something thatits the reason why these creatures are chasing him and that he found it in the tomb of someplace in africa or egypt or some shit like that and he’s being plagued by nightmaresand shit like that from his past and he finds out that he’s been killing people or something,i can’t really remember umm… but that’s why he takes this amnesia potion and he startsto tamper with the orb and uh that’s the reason why that angers the guardian and he startskilling people and stuff and i can’t remember. i think this alexander dude is the one whodoes it. not daniel. daniel innocentish yeah anyway umm i believe daniel is the personthat alexander hired to torture people something.

yeah that sounds right. uhhh something aboutdamascus rose. maybe it’s an ingredient to that amnesia potion i can’t fucking remember!more juice. anyway because of all the torturing and shit daniel it had an effect on daniel’smind and taking the orb with him alexander seals himself in his inner seek sanctum leavingdaniel to be brutally maimed by the cosmic guardian umm. because of this, he is furiousat alexander and shit like that. i’m sure i’m leaving out a bunch of other shit. i’msure the moogle covered it. anyway, he breeches the defenses with a new assembled orb withthis guy that he found a dungeon. yeah, there’s a dungeon! i forgot there’s a dungeon andagrippa. yeah i think his name is agrippa, he’s an alchemist that alexander was usingto for strange alchemy and shit and agrippa

had an assistant and explains that the personthat the guardian of the orb is and why it’s trying to kill daniel and shit. and he says"i can help you, but you gotta like rip my head off my body and some shit like that andi can come help you but you gotta give me a tonic first so my head will stay alive"and daniel is like "cool, let’s do that. fuck yeah! sounds amazing." and they do it. anddaniel takes his head and finds alexander at the end of the… in the inner sanctum.and he decides to listen to agrippa and toss agrippa’s head through the portal where theshadow, which is the thing thats been following daniel creating all creatures and shit killsboth daniel and this alexander dude. just straight up mercs their asses but daniel issaved when agrippa finds daniel or some shit

somehow and he deserves so much more. agrippa’spartner, weyer, johaan weyer or shit like that tells him "hey save this mother fucker,he’s cool. he saved my life." and then says "yeah it’ll be alright." and that’s the storyof amnesia: the dark descent. yeah… yeah… yeah…. yeah…. that’s my side of the story.yeah. hey guys it’s lulu. i’m also going to say my version of amnesia: the dark descent.at least what i remember. let’s hope i don’t forget it all. (laughing) so anyway, so there’sthis guy. i think his name is daniel. and he wakes up in this weird ass castle and hecan’t remember fucking anything. like and and so he starts finding these notes all overthe castle that he left for himself before he forgot everything. telling him what he’ssuppose to do and what happened. but not directly

saying anything. some weird puzzle shit. andhe finds out that there’s this dude that owns the castle and his name is alexander and danielcame there to help alexander discover some bullshit thing because daniel had somethinghe needed. and turns out alexander was double crossing him and was planning on using daniel’swhatever thingy majigger to help himself instead of helping the world like he was promising.so daniel comes to the conclusion that he’s suppose to kill alexander while also discoveringthat him and alexander throughout the time that daniel has been with alexander have beentorturing innocent people to death. the lights are bright, i’m turning off the lights again.fuck you. anyway. i guess the dark descent got darker. (laughing) anyway, so basicallydaniel has to go through the castle to find

the inner sanctum which is like the deepestof the deepest dungeons in the castle. so you have to go through pretty much the entirecastle trying to dodge all these weird ass servant guys who are actually monsters thatwant to kill you. especially the water monster, you can not see him. he is invisible. he willchase you and chase you and chase you til he eats you. yeah he’s scary. anyway. so thenwhen you finally get to the inner sanctum, daniel is not quite sure how to kill alexanderand all that. and eventually, he gets captivated by alexander’s word yet again and he sacrificeshimself to bring about alexander’s whatever it is. i think it’s like alexander was claiminghe’s not from our world. he’s from somewhere else. so daniel is suppose to send him homewith his sacrifice but in the end alexander

goes to wherever it is and the shadow that’sbeen haunting the castle because of all the deaths there kills daniel and alexander laterthanks him and says "thanks for being a sport and killing yourself. yay." so in the end,daniel is the one who gets fucked over. unfortunately. dude makes himself forget everything becausehe’s so consumed by the guilt of killing people. what a puss bag! he sacrifices himself becausehe’s so be riddled by guilt. bu-uh-words. he’s so weighed down by guilt of torturingand killing these people that he doesn’t think he’s worthy enough to live. and he makes himselftry and forget it all. so he can do what he’s suppose to do. but he needs to remember someof it so he can do what he’s suppose to do and he doesn’t do what he’s supposed to do.yeah. sometimes you feel like you have amnesia

when you play the game. cuz you don’t rememberwhat the fuck just happened. anyway. but that’s that’s all i have to say for today i thinkbut anyway, you guys have a good day. and that’s it for today. as you can see we gotreally really drunk for that and i hope you found it humorous. we do plan on doing thesei wouldn’t say frequently, i don’t think my liver could take it. but we’ll, i’d say maybeonce a month we’ll do it. hoping. maybe once in a while. but this will be something wedo just for the fun of it on occasion. anyway, this has been moogle squad and as always havea nice day. alright for our little mini blurb today. i’m going to share a fun fact withyou. this. i actually video game with this strapped to my chest on a very regular basis.actually quite easy. oh people would think,

yeah it’s very difficult. not really. likei’ve done raid with a baby strapped to my chest like my mmo fellow counterparts couldactually attest to that. i’ve played with a baby either next to me or on me. it’s notthat hard. and honestly… jeesum crow, kid you have a strong ass grip. anyway! what makesit very easy is the fact that i use something like this and i have a gaming mouse. so idon’t even need my keyboard anymore, which allows me to not slide out which makes itawkward to play. honestly, the baby makes me more ergonomic. believe it or not, it makesme more ergonomic when i’m sitting in this chair because i have to sit up straight becauseof where the baby is and play normally. so it saves my back. so anyway, that’s a littlefun fact from moogle squad. yay moogle squad.

come on smile… smile… rawr rawr rawr.smile for the camera. you little douchebag. alright, see ya.

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