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hello i’m ashlee gunn and i’mreviewing laurell hamilton’s anita blake the vampire hunter series. i had todo a couple takes i kept saying laurell blake instead of laurell hamilton. so iwanted to talk to you guys a lot about the series but more specificallyalthough it is a vampire series i wanted to talk to you guys about theshapeshifters and the necromancy because it is out-of-this-world incredibly wellwritten so in general you’re gonna have anita blake she’s a vampirehunter and a necromancer what that means is that vampires are allowed to bepart of society but if they break a law then a vampire hunter automaticallykills them they don’t like deal with the

police and that kind of stuff and thenshe’s also a necromancer and essentially what that is, is that if you have anuncle and he forgot to put the will somewhere everyone could find it thenanita is gonna go wake him up from the dead find out where the will is and puthim back to sleep zombies do have an expiration time essentially so anita blake can wake them up but she can’t let them roam around the streets and stuffthey’ll go crazy so she has to put back the incredible thing about thenecromancy is that as the series goes on she is going to grow in power it isincredible you will get goosebumps from some of the stuff that happens at graveyards

it is so vivid and just uniqueimaginative laurell hamilton did an amazing job with it i haven’t read anything similarto to it the way that it’s describe the way i mean just you’re in the graveyardwith her it’s beautiful so the shapeshifters areanother incredible part about this series i think that just in general thevampires are going to powerful they’re going to be big they’re going to be bad guys they’re are going to be good guys you know in general but the the shapeshifters issomething that i had never read like this before and i think that when i findsomething unique that’s what what draws me in and keeps me interested so ifsomebody out there who maybe it hasn’t

read an animal shape shifter seriesbefore or who loves animal shapeshifter series this is another great one videoprobably love so essentially what she does is you’re going to have all sortsof different animals not just one type so everything from bears jaguarslions rats hyenas swans you name it exists and she makes them like their own littlesociety so some might want to be segregated and not have any involvementwith others while others actually form alliances and they’ll decide with eachinstance when something comes up whether or not they’re going to be involved ornot and then sometimes maybe their societies in trouble and then anitablake has to come in and help them

it’s really unique especially becausewhen anita interacts with them she actually has to learn about theirculture their society their heritage and it really brings some depth to thosecharacters i absolutely loved that i i don’t want to go into it too muchbecause i would love for you guys read it and love for you guys to get toexperience it the same way i got to experience it but i will just say there’s somescenes were like there are their captives i mean the way that it iswritten is so vivid that you are in the room with them used smell the room yousee it you were there it is just… laurell hamilton did an incredible job so i do want to say just real quick this is an erotic series and

as the series continues it will becomemore erotic however the way that it’s written is that their sexuality interlocks withtheir powers so as the main characters grow in power their sexuality is goingto play a large role in that you’ll see it when you get to it but it’s one ofthose things that i just like to give everybody a fair warning for anyways ifyou love fantasy series vampires shapeshifters necromancy those types ofthings this series has it all and has so much of it your absolute love it i mean just like i said this was thevery first series i read with necromancy that kind of stuff i’ve readsome sense but it always comes back to

the way that this series just transportyou into their lives and i just couldn’t get enough of it so there’s 25 books as of right now ifyou want to read the series get started because 26 is coming out soon i appreciate all you guys watching myvideos if you like this like it if you have any questions or comments about theseries or any recommendations anything like that put that in the commentssection if you want my videos every week than subscribe otherwise i will see you all againshortly thank you so much for joining me

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