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boom boom ugh ugh yeah..i’m lewd out except for the pants. except for the pant and socks. taking out words like ‘have to’ fromlanguaging is like a game changer. i am blessed. i get to do everything . kudda! being awesome. hi instagramers, i want you to follow my good friend, jenna. what’s your instagram? jenna phillips ballard we’re gonna leave it right here. ah i’m gonna acknowledge you and your leadership i’m going to give the thing is like i experienced drew’sleadership i don’t see people who were leaders but i can’t speak for a lot ofthat maybe there are certain people i feel great leaders like there are a lotof leaders actually who are great

examples of what actually is a good leader but i don’t experience them so i really just want to acknowledge you, drew, your leadership, the way you lead. you have an incredible team. you have an amazing team of people who love him who are inspired byhim what he’s up to you and makes the vision of fitlife everyone vision it’s a team effort. and so you give ownership to everyone on your team and that’s what’s so powerful about drew’s leaders. he give’s opportunities tobe apart of so much bigger than them. thank you so much for that. jenna isleading this amazing movement in san

diego, california where she’s opening uppeople’s minds their true potential and they’re really recognizing that theleader inside of them spend there the whole time we got to get rid of that mud off of the year and you do a perfect example thank you so much for leading your own organization, and empowering your people because that’s what it’s all about.acknowledgement so powerful. so, and this is something drew and i areconstantly experiencing as leaders we ask for support we give people an opportunityto give to us and they apart so much bigger than that and i think thatthe hangup that leaders get caught in is i don’t want to ask people to support me i should be able to all my own

the lone wolf syndrome and then being afraid to delegate and give people responsibilities because like ‘i got itnobody else can do it the way that i can do it’ number two is knowing that as a leadersometimes is a very lonely path it is not always popular not everyone’s going to like you but something i really wanted you all to think about is what is more important nomatter what you choose as a leader or follower there are going to prices, costs and compromises. so if you want to live a supercomfortable or you don’t wanna experience

confrontation or resistance orchallenging someone’s living beliefs. then be a follower, is that what you want? i love that thinking that. i used to have sticky notes everywhere. have you ever done that? my whole wall is covered in sticky notes right now, my entire wall so there’s a sticky note and it said ‘would you follow you? and i’m like hmm.. ‘ would i follow me? would you? i would. yeah. yeah. i would today but it really forces you to start thinking like the decisions i’m making every single moment is that someone that i would follow coz we follow other people we follow celebrities, we follow leaders of other organizations and we look at gossip channels, and kardashian

the desperate housewives and all thesethings that people are looking at now present day with the elections andeverything else going on, they wouldn’t be able to follow us. yeah, leadership starts with you, leadership starts with me, starts with drew. and that’s what it takes to create a movement and if we all lead with love. the thing that’s also distinction i wanna talk about that sometimes they don’t think they are leaders but everybody has the power, you have the power to lead, we have the power to create a movement, we have the power to change this the world even in this oneinteraction. and i’m sure that the experience

i had at the restaurant with was that gloria? gloria. gloria if you’re watching this, i was at california pizza kitchen and yes i ate some pizza but we experience this moment together, it was incredible what was the moment that you created, you were the source of that, you were the leader of that moment, what did you created for her? it’s very authentic, present moment like we looked at each other inthe eyes and i gave gloria this hug that lasted for 3-5 seconds. there’s just this release of two humans bonding and ithink we’re missing that a lot yeah your we’re on our computers all the time, we’re on our instagram, we’re on our phones. when’s the last time you really lookedat somebody in the eyes, right? and we as humans were busy, we got stuff to do, we got things to update

so we’re on autopilot. when we go to starbucks orcafe gratitude or wherever we go it’s like ‘hey, how are you? that’s the typical conversation that weexperience but not this connectedness that when we look at someone’s eye we’re looking at their soul. i mean, the windows of the soul are the eyes. people often feel like they’re good, they are done with investing themselves. they’re totally done with learning and expanding but as long as we’re aliveas long as we’re humans on this planet that we’re always going to have theopportunity to grow and expand so someone says to me, ‘you know, i think i’m good. like i’ve done all the personal involvement there is to do

i’ve read all the books, listened to all podcasts’ is kind of like saying ‘i’m so full after thanksgiving dinner i’m nevereating again’ and like actually not meaning it’s not, that’s just nothing. when i heard about this beautiful seed about a see how from the outside lookingin the seed when it grows it breaks it tobecome something more right like it it just shatters and half like literallylooks like construction happening at its core but as human beings that’suncomfortable for us yeah so we stay in this little seed ourwhole entire lives without really break free

well i love that analogy to see that’sso beautiful we cannot have a breakthrough unless youhave some kind of breakdown curves and and that’s what kind of part of it can’tgrow they’re going to the gym and your muscles are burning or like god you’reuncomfortable you can get the definition your body that you want you don’texperience inspiration and muscle alright so if youlearn anything at all just one thing in this video or you like the idea that jenand i talked about make sure you share some of the love that could be impactedby this message as well make sure you follow the link below and i’m also goingto link her youtube channel from ours

and i think you so much for thank youhappy great see you guys see ya gonna have herback again as always remember we’re in this again all our dreams can come true if we havethe courage to pursue them being realistic is the most common path tomediocrity have the courage to follow your hearts and your intuition becausethey some how know what you truly want to become

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