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♪ herbalife is not a simple company. we’re about opportunity. herbalife is by far the best global nutrition company in the world. herbalife is one of those quiet companies that you really don’t know a lot about if you don’t work here. once you step into the walls of herbalife instantly you realize that this is a special place. we want people to see us as good nutrition,

a great business opportunity built on hard work, and we at herbalife, by creating a better brand, can leave a better imprint out there. that’s the herbalife of today. the mission is to bring together health and wellness, and really changing the way people live their lives. i’m very passionate about helping others, it’s something that was carried over from my parents. here at herbalife they support helping others in so many different ways, again it doesn’t stop with their distributors,

but it carries over to their customers and to their employees. every day, you get an international experience, an international exposure here at herbalife. it’s rare that a day goes by that i don’t speak with somebody from another country around the globe. i love working here at herbalife, because i make a difference everyday in the products that we create, by all the testing that we do. everyday there’s always something new, something great. something we learn more about the human body.

one of the best things i’ve seen working with herbalife, is that they’re some of the best people in the industry, but what really gets the excitement going is the cohesive nature in which they all work together. anything i did, whether i was at the fda or anything that i’m doing here, is protecting people, including my own family from unsafe products, and i’ll continue doing that. we’ve decided that the way to control our supply chain for herbals is to actually do our own extraction of the herbs at our new extraction facility.

the people really practice what they preach, they’re working out, they’re using the product, they are really focusing on being healthy. i’ve never seen so many tri-athletes and people that are into fitness. herbalife sponsors the herbalife triathlon in los angeles, and there’s a large number of people from the la area, employees, team herbalife that either volunteer, run in the triathlon, or even do a team event. you don’t have to be an athlete to work here, all you have to do is just have the willingness to want to help people.

there’s the herbalife family foundation which does a lot of charity and we’re all quite involved in that. it always feels good that part of what you’re doing also goes to improving society. if we’ve built a team of people who are interested in learning, interested in being more aware, interested in being trained and training, then we’ve got the right people. we’ve got the right people.

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