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(pop music) hi divas! – this is tiki from i am coming to you today with a quick hair update. the last time wechattered about my hair, i had accidentallychopped the mess out of it trying to do a self-cut and trying to cut my hair to awaist-length blunt cut. so, we are growing back nicely. the last video, i said i was gonna do a

one-month challenge with hairfinity and i like the results. i’ll show you my, before and after. (funk music) so you can see there was definitely a difference in growth. so, i decided hey, why not do a three-month challenge until the end of the year and see how close to hip-length i can get. about a inch away from my hip, so i’m getting close, back to where i was.

you can definitely see where my ends are thickening up. took another vitamin in the mean time. i’ll review that later. anyway, we’ll talk about that later. but, i decided to go back with hairfinity because i like the results and i didn’t have any side effects or anything like that. so, starting on october the first, i started my three-month challenge.

so it’ll go from october thefirst to the first of the year. so we’ll see how much growth i get between now and then. hopefully i’ll be back at hip-length because it’s only like an inch or so away, stretched. as far as my ends and what i gonna do long-term, it still looks like i have a little gap in between my hair, like my ends might be thin but it’s really not, it’s from the way i butchered the crap out of it tryin’ to do that.

so, i just thought i would just let it grow until it gets all the way to my hip, and then i will go get it professionally cut this time. no more self-cuts for me, it’ll just be me and my split-ender. so, anyway! so, that is pretty muchwhat i am going to do. you see where i am now, so let’s see where i will be at the end of the year.

now, like i said, i’ve already started taking hairfinity again. so, like i said, i like the results the first time around so we’ll see. so, any who, that’s about the latest with my hair and where i am, andwhere i’m trying to get. i told you it was gonna be quick, okay? we not tryna be here all day. anyway guys, thanks for dropping by.

don’t forget tothumbs-up and subscribe. i do have more videos comin’ up, i actually have a video that should have been already posted for the look. don’t forget to stop by that. i’ll put the link below for that video and thanks so much for watching. until next time.

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