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so agent 47 is back. though this isn’tthe big episodic franchise reboot square’s been touting since last year’s e3.no this is something a little smaller. this is hitman go. the mobile versionof square’s stealthy assassin, now given a definitive edition and ported across tosteam and sony’s ps4 and vita consoles. it still features the same simple yetelegant design that won over a lot of fans on ios and android a couple of years ago essentially boiling down the coregameplay of any hitman game – the actual careful planning and execution of yourhit in the sneakiest and most efficient way possible. and convertingthat idea into a puzzle based, tabletop game.

complete with little digitalfigurines you can push around a virtual board. like any hitman game hitman go ismade up of a series of increasingly harder to complete contracts. with eachcontract having its own unique game board, some of which are even inspired byprevious hitman titles. as you progress across these boards you’ll be introducedto more and more challenging puzzles, new enemies and even new mechanics. be it hidingin a plant pot or taking down multiple enemies with 47’s trusty silverballers. though the goal is always the same – tomake it to the end. take out "the mark". and not die! as with any mobile game these mini-levels that make up the main game boards are

actually relatively quick to complete.only taking a minute or so to solve (as long as you’ve actually worked out whatthe solution is). but they are designed to be played over and over again inorder to get those coveted three-stars. so you might be saying well this soundslike it’s just the original mobile game (as good as it was). what exactly makesthis a definitive edition? well, in all honesty – not alot really. with thisversion they’ve essentially added in some achievements and removed the optionalmicrotransactions that used to be used to buy hints in the mobile version.though you can still use this hint system if you want you just won’t receive the "silentassassin" achievement if you do so.

they’ve also added in cross-save functionalityfor owners of both the ps4 and vita meaning you can switch from playing onyour big screen down to a pocket version on sony’s handheld and backagain. but all in all that’s about it. as i said not a lot especially as theprices actually increased as well from five bucks for the original on the appstore to now $7.99 for this new definitive version. though this is probably square’sattempt to negate some of that lost revenue from all those lovely microtransactions.calling it a "definitive edition" is probably something of a stretch. it is agood game, with some fantastic little puzzles and with a really great overallaesthetic. admittedly some of the

textures do look a little ropey afterbeing blown up from the ipad version up to a bigger screen. and the whole click anddrag mouse controls feels a little unnatural. but these are just minor niggles the cynic in me feels this version isonly just coming out now in order to help grab a few headlines and a bit ofextra media coverage ahead of the aaa hitman coming out next month. butregardless of all this if you’re a fan of puzzle games or if you’re just a fan ofthe franchise and you’ve not had a chance to play the mobile version thisis definitely worth checking out. so hitman go sneaks in with a fairly letahal 6 out of8 bits. and if you’re after more killer

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