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welcome to tekzilla bites, feeding your techhunger fast! i’m shannon morse and i’ve gotten into couponing lately (don’t make fun of me!i’ve save a lot of money on things i actually use) and i’ve been able to give my friendsquite a few things that they constantly use. this week i wanted to share some of my newlyfounded savings in the form of apps! checkout51 is my first app, which featuresa series of products every week that you can buy and get cash back on. here’s how it works.download the application on your mobile device and sign up. you’ll automatically receivea cash back offer of $2.00 on your app. every thursday, the app will automatically updatewith new offers. this week i got lucky, and had four offers i can use.while i am shopping for my household stuff,

i save all my receipts. that night, i takea picture of each receipt and claim each offer. the offers vary in price, anything from .50cents to a couple of dollars. once you’ve hit $20 in offers, checkout51will mail you a check. bam! you just got paid for shopping for stuff you’d buy anyways.the app doesn’t care how much you spent on the items (meaning you can stack coupons andstore savings on top of this), it purely wants to make sure you actually bought the itemsit is offering cash back for. make sure your name and account information is up to date,so they can mail you a check! my second app is called shopmium:shopmium works similar to checkout51, but they are a bit more particular about yourpurchases. shopmium is new to the us, but

has been popular in european markets. to use,first unlock an offer by clicking on a product and choosing "discover this product". simplyhead to a store, buy a product, and scan both the barcode on the product and the receiptin the application. once shopmium accepts your photos as proof of purchase, they willtell you your rebate has been approved, and ask you how you’d like to be credited. ifacross the pond, you can choose your bank transfer. if here in the us, you can use paypal.you don’t have to go to a specific store to get a deal on shopmium, and you can use asmany store and manufacturer coupons as you usually would. make sure your info is up todate so there are no discrepancies with paypal! you can earn an extra $2 credit every timea friend signs up (and they get free chocolate).

my third and final app is called ibotta:ibotta offers rebates in several sections including grocery (which also includes householditems) to restaurants. find a store you shop at, look at their store specific rebates,and click on something that you buy. there will be a series of tasks to unlock each offer,including a one question survey, watch a video about the product, or share it on facebook.once you’ve unlocked your offers, scan your product by clicking redeem and verify items.you’ll then need to scan your receipt by taking a photo of it. once completed, you can cashout with a $5 minimum to venmo or paypal. you can also load your offers to a gift cardif you wish. ibotta turns shopping into a game with badges you can earn and by invitingfriends for $5 bonuses.

all three of these require you to share somebit of personal information, including your name and email address, so keep that in mindif you are security conscious like i am. i’ve already saved almost $10 with one week ofuse. speaking of learning how to save money, whydon’t we upgrade our skill set with some finance management at lynda.com. they offer 77000video tutorials for everything from motion graphics to web design, even java!! for $25 p/ mth you get unlimited access tovideo courses and you can start wherever you want at your own pace. so try lynda.com free for 7 days by visitinglynda.com/tekzilla… and get the skills you

need to get ahead! for more from tekzilla hit up youtube.com/tekzillaor tekzilla.com, and share what you think below or tweet @tekzilla.thanks for watching!

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