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hi i’m paul. i’m nick. and i’m not associated with these two. welcome to the first ever episode of pwn. pwn! these week our topic is going inside the mind of the great

frank stella interstellar. into-stella! we’re going to watch the trailer and talk about it. let’s talk about that. wrong show! is that the guy from the lincoln commercials? sometimes you got to fly backwards to go forwards

is this gravity 2? it’s so funny how the girl got old… ‘the girl got old’? christopher nolan! i’m sold! i’m done! come back. i’m taking his seat. justin beiber! [paul giggling like a girl]

what was that? we’ll go back after. woah… double-sided mountains. [laughing] they’re not double sided. it’s like inception ’cause the city that bends! that was just a dream.

crazy! didn’t that happen in gravity? yeah. she got eaten. *gasp* hans zimmer music. he’s amazing. loved it! i’m sold. that was a trailer for interstellar.

i guess we’re going to talk about it. what did we think about it? i like how the trailer doesn’t really give us that much information. what do you predict the whole movie’s going to be like? i think mankind is searching for their one presis *precious resource.

that has been taken away from them. the search for mankind’s most precious resource. …girls. they ran out of girls? that’s the plot of… …children of men? i love that movie! yeah? no one can give birth anymore. this is a christopher nolan movie.

uh… …who directed batman! the second batman is the best for me because the joker. yeah. i think the second batman… dark knight… is the best batman movie. it’s the best of the dark knight trilogy.

so christopher nolan as a director i think he’s actually a great director. he’s made some good stuff. he’s made dark knight. does anyone know anything else he’s ever done? he did memento. spoiler awert *alert awert?

awert. i see anne hathaway. [le subtle fart] [laughter] does this look like a good movie? when i saw the trailer… tell us in the comments below, one subscriber! no, no. two subscribers! we have two, by the way.

i’m gonnna subscribe. i’m gonna make ten thousand youtube accounts and subscribe them all. there! what is that? that is a cool… thing. it’s probably some sort of android. it’s the 2001 monolith. no. they got bored

so they just drew minecraft. it looks like a great movie, in my opinion. because, it’s like, the graphics. yeah, it does. it’s really like… the cgi is like… better than pacific rim. it’s like, 5000 phd 25000 fps.

can yout tell we’re not proffesionls? here’s the tagline. it says ‘mankind was born on earth. it was never meant to die here.’ that’s pretty suspensful. because, no girls. that’s all we have for today! watch our videos! if you wanna like, subscribe, comment, do those things. subscribble.

you could follow us on twitter. you can follow us on instagram. yolo we have a tumblr. go to the grocery store and get our underwear. next week we’re talking about [monster movies] and on wendsday you’re going to see the smiling man. you just got pwn’ed! powers!

austin powers!

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