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hi everyone this isj for the smart exec with a review on the iphone 6 case with card holder so if you’re lookingfor an iphone case with card holder then this review is for you now this is the smart exact case you cansee the logo here and you can see inside it now these are the famous card holdersthat everyone seems to be looking for these days so let me just put the phone in thatfirst you can see that it slides in very nicely

ok all the ports are uncovered sothere’s no messing around there it’s a nice sleek design it’s actuallyquite slim so it doesn’t bulge in your pocket it’s ideal for business or justgenerally looking smart ok so i just want to mention somethingabout the card holders because this is something that this is a very popularfeature this is why we have to include but i’m not actually a fan of keepingmy credit cards and my debit cards in here i think it’s a terrible idea i like to keep my money and my cards inmy wallet which seldom leaves my pocket

unless it has to and that’s a safe place and you canyou know your phone you know comparatively is always out ofyour pocket and you know you you can easily misplace it or leave it somewhereon top of a table somewhere and yeah i just don’t think it’s a good idea to putyour your vitals in there now this does come in handy i have tosay for train tickets when you’re on a train and the train is moving and it’srocking back and forth and the ticket inspector shows up you have to stand up and try and doa balance act and

try not to elbow everybody in the face whilst you try to get your your card or your tickets out and this isactually quite handy i can just slide my phone out my pocket and pullout my tickets and it’s also handy for shopping lists but that’s to the extentto which i use it personally now there’s a link to the product pageon the description of this video down below so if you like the look at thisphone case and you want to find out more information about it please click on thelink visit the amazon page and yeah it’s all there and i hope you like it

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