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hey guys today i’ve got the bluetooth x7earbuds or as i like to call them, the wireless apple earpods. in the box you get the earbuds, a manual, ear hooks, a pin, and a short micro usb cable.the earbuds definitely resemble apple’s earpods with the difference being this comesin white and black, has a thinner, shorter cable, and a large controltalk piece. youcan raise or lower the volume, skip or rewind to song, pause and answer calls. another wayto answer or decline calls is to just say yes or no when someone’s calling. to connectto your device just hold the power button until the light starts flashing red and blue,then go into your bluetooth settings on your device and click on x7 when it shows up insearch. it’s that simple.

sound quality is surprisingly almost on parto the apple earpods, just a tad under. it has that lack of bass you can hear but notfeel much, it sounds decent overall and gets loud too. it can also block out a lot of noise.the ear hooks it comes with helps keep a secure fit. the pin can too, but probably not somuch with casual listening because the wire never really gets in the way.trying to runwith these just doesn’t work. the control talk is just too heavy and ends up pullingthe headphone out of my ear. the pin definitely helps a lot to keep the controltalk balanced,but it still felt like the earbuds were going to fall out at any second which made keepreadjusting them every now and then. when it comes to battery life, i’ve gottenbetween 3.5- 4 hours before having to recharge

it which is about 2-3 days of length. so overall if you’re looking for some headphonesto casually listen to when you’re studying or going to your next class then this maybe a good choice for you. if you’re looking for something that has a better fit for exercisingthen check these 1byone bluetooth earbuds which are around the budget price. i’llhave a link in the description to a review for those. if you want to see more, leavea comment down below!

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