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hi everyone! welcome back to my channel today i’m gonna be talking about the november sephora play box it comes in a cute little baggie that is like this compared to the ipsy baggies i feel like this one is like rinky dink. to give you a little overview of what the sephora playbox really is if you’ve ever heard of ipsy it’s pretty much the same

thing it just has all the products that you would find in sephora. they give you like five or six products i think it’s five products and a fragrance every month that way you get to try new things i’m basically going to show what comes inside of it and kind of get my first impression before i get into it you haven’t subscribed to my channel already

go ahead and do so i put on your videos every week if you have any suggestions for videos comment down below. if you like the video give it a thumbs up. don’t miss out this month is best in glow which i thought was gonna have at least one highlighter so the first one is the laura mercier caviar stick eye color in rose gold so

that would actually come to pretty good-sized like this it has a pretty good amount of product in it. this is the color i’ve actually uses a few times i haven’t used it as a highlight. but i have used it i guess, well it’s not a highlight i’ve used it as a kind of brightener for these little inner corners and i’ve also used it as a base for more shimmers

i don’t buy it depends on the price point i wouldn’t pay more than $25 for full size, i will tell you that much i think eye shadows can achieve the same kind of intensity that i want from a product like that ok so for the second one it is the caudalie vino-source moisturizing sorbet

oh my gosh i can’t pronounce stuff for crap! i love caudalie so much. the only thing that i don’t like is that they give you this big thing that looks like it’s going to be full and that you’re gonna get a pretty good sample size of it but no it’s like over half of it is empty ok the next one was actually really fun i’ve used this it is the glam glow…

random demo! ok so this is the gravity mud firming treatment it is a peel that smells like pina colada and makes your face look like a chrome type of thing and it is super cool it tightens your skin it reduces your pores and it leaves kind of a nice little residue that gives your skin are very nice glowing touch as in

terms of long-term results there is really nothing that i could say right away but i think i can get six more uses out of this mask and i’m really excited to keep using it for that it’s actually just a lot of fun a lot gentler than many peel masks that i have so that’s great and i really enjoyed this product that’s all i have to say about that.

then you get this gel gloss ultra brilliant ultra shine lip gel it looks a lot more intense on the monitor for whatever reason than it does in real life. i’m gonna go ahead and try this right now. that’s a weird wand i’ve never seen a wand kind of shaped like that. not my thing. i think. as far as lip glosses go, this one is pretty cute

so that was the sephora ultra brilliant gloss this one has a very generous amount in it. i really like it ok and for the november edition of this sephora play box. they actually added a cover fx illuminating primer. if you guys didn’t see my last video i talked about how i’ve had pretty bad reactions to their foundations i didn’t look forward to

trying any more stuff from their brand just because of the bad reactions that i got i’ll read the claims right now so it is a glow inducing silicone free primer preps skin with a light-reflecting mineral complex and helps eliminate dullness the way glows cover fx complexion perfection formulas our go-to for sensitive skin. irritant free and paraben

free and also packed with lots of anti-inflammatory vitamin-rich ingredients to keep skin looking its best i actually really like it so if it’s under like thirty dollars or even a little bit above that i might consider getting it because it just it does a really good job of making skin look alive and pretty and just glowy. see

that that’s kind of a very natural glowy does not look greasy whatsoever so this is actually something that i like from them. my faith in them is not all gone. so other than that one we got a scent this month and listen y’all i get scents every month and i stick them in my purse and i usually love them to death because i have like a scent of

the month every month. but this month someone done screwed up. if you could smell this you would definitely understand what the hell i’m talking about it is the replica by the fireplace scents and moments. it’s supposed to be a unisex scent that reminds you of sitting next to fireplace but it really just reminds me of a gas station and i hate

it and i don’t think i would even give it to my husband because then he would have to smell like that and i would hate it it looks like that’s just a fiery blazing no for me for what i got this month i don’t know you guys tell me. would you say all these are worth ten dollars a month? i’ve been looking at the ipsy reviews i see that they get like full

size brushes better bags full size products the only downside to it is that they can’t really go to a store and find all these products that have to order online through these like niche stores but i think it’s worth it a little bit better i’ve never had an ipsy bag if you guys recommend it to me go ahead and comment down below

i honestly think it’s just is not tailored to what i would want to get so yeah i’m thinking about switching to ipsy but i’m going to keep getting these and reviewing these every month just to show you guys what this sephora play box gets incase you’re contemplating it i do think some months are better than others and some ones are definitely worth it versus

this month i would say it’s like.. there just there at the ten dollar value but yeah that’s it if you liked this video give it a thumbs up! i appreciate anything you got see you next time.. bye!

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