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– congratulations on becomingan isagenix associate. we’re so excited you have taken the next step in your isagenix journey. as an isagenix associate you have access to specific promotions and tools and have the opportunity to benefit from the isagenix compensation plan. now i’m guessing you’vehad a great experience using isagenix products

and some people arecurious about your results, but you may be confused onhow and where to get started. or maybe you’re asking yourself, "is there really an opportunity "to earn money by sharing the products". the answer is yes. at isagenix, when it comes to business we’re all about simplicity. we like to say eat it, love it, share it.

when you love a productit’s natural to share it. we already do this every daywith things that we love. now imagine if you could earnan income for doing just that. our system for sharingisagenix products is called, you share, they share, repeat. and here’s how it works. – [voiceover] we wantyou to share isagenix with as many people as possible. but for the sake of this example,

let’s start with two people. if you were to help twofriends or family members join isagenix with a qualifying pak, isagenix would pay you aproduct introduction bonus ranging from 25 to 150 dollars. our value paks have enoughof our most popular products to last someone an entire month plus a few extras to sharewith family and friends. let’s say one friend joinsisagenix and orders a value pak.

you would receive an 80 dollar bonus. if another friend were to also join isagenix and order a value pak, you would receive another 80 dollar bonus. here’s where it gets exciting. if both friends get started and place their initial orders in the same commission week, monday to sunday eastern,isagenix would double your bonus.

instead of receiving an 80 dollar bonus for each friend starting with a value pak, it’s doubled to 160 dollars each, for a total of 320 dollars. so far you would have earned 320 dollars for helping these twofriends join isagenix. this is called, you share. by doing this, youwould have also advanced to the first leadership level, consultant,

which would entitle you toan additional 50 dollars, for a total of up to 370 dollars. now let’s say your two friends want to share isagenixproducts with others. you would help them doexactly what you did. if your two personally sponsored friends find two new customers who also want to purchase a product pak, you would be paid 100dollars per consultant.

this is referred to as, they share. you receive 100 dollars every time you personally create a consultant, for up to 20 personallysponsored consultants. you earned 370 dollars for you share, plus 200 dollars for they share, resulting in a total of up to 570 dollars. if you were to fulfillyou share, they share, within the first 60 daysof becoming an associate,

you would advance to thesecond leadership level, crystal manager, and thecompany would reward you with an additional 250 dollar bonus. let’s add this up. you started isagenix with a value pak. you shared your experiencewith two friends who joined the same way you did, and you would have earned 370 dollars from the sales of the value paks to them.

you helped your two friends share isagenix products withtwo friends of their own, who all opened accountsand purchased value paks, and you would have earnedand additional 200 dollars. if you completed you share, they share, within 60 days of becoming an associate, you would receiveanother 250 dollar bonus. that’s a grand total of up to 820 dollars. and now the final step: repeat.

repeating these steps can help you accomplish your financial goals. you share, they share,repeat, is just the beginning. the earning potentialwith isagenix is amazing. visit for more on the you share, theyshare, repeat system. – simply put, theisagenix compensation plan has been designed topay you for introducing isagenix products to thepeople you care about,

by helping them purchase the products that fit their lifestyle. you just need to remember youshare, they share, repeat. through social media andword of mouth marketing, you really can earn income with isagenix. whether this is a part-time venture to supplement your primary income, or a full-time commitment with the goal becoming a top business leader,

we are excited to welcomeyou to the isagenix family. visit and click on the start here button to learn more and access the tools already in place to help you towards yourgoals with isagenix. i think it goes without saying, building a business doesn’t come easy, the people who aresuccessful in this business, or any business, are talented,

committed, and very hardworking. isagenix doesn’t offer getting rich quick and there are no guarantees of success. to learn more about thebusiness building opportunity with isagenix, check outour compensation plan, the income disclaimer,and the earning statement at isagenixbusiness.comfor all the details.

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