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patricia sweeney from snagalife.comhere and i want to talk to you guys out there that are interested in directsales whether it’s direct sales in canada direct sales in london or theuk direct sales australia or direct in the united states now if yoursomewhere else in the world there are a variety of programs that i work and that i coach my team to work with that work worldwide ok so doesn’t matterwhere you are no some countries don’t have as many opportunities as othersso if you were in a country that i did not mention please go to my website and checkout the variety of links there at the new "start here" section because thereare things that you can do worldwide

now, for those of you that are in the places that i talked about guys, a lot of people are really focused on doing homejewelry parties and um… just doing home parties in general selling productsthat way now there are companies one company that kinda like doing it withcause it’s fun overall their are direct sales are great because essentially you’re the middleman now. you’re the person who’staking it from the distributor and you’re gonna sell it at retail you’re gonnaget that mark up and that’s fantastic you can do that and get some right now moneybut what i invite you to do is stretch

you imagination just a little bit instead ofgoing out there and bugging your friends your family the lady at walmart the ladyat the gas station begging your co-workers to host aparty for you every week are you utilizing the power of the internet to generate leads and new people to talk to and to find other people that do what you wanna do and is your current business model that you’re involved with if you were to find other people who dowhat you want to do, are you able to leverage your knowledge experience andpassion help them succeed and then also, make money. well if you’re not guys ifyou’re in direct sales you really need

to take a look at some of the otherstuff that i do because im able to do all of those things with my directsales companies the companies i use for networkmarketing for my e-commerce stores and for all of that stuff everything i do isabout structure is about getting your business self sustainable and paying youquickly and not two or three years later and it’s about making sure that what youdo this scalable it’s leveraged and it’s going to let you have a life and still earn money and notbe working eighteen hundred hours week making it happen for you. so, if thatinformation interests you guys

click the link below, go to my website check out the information you find there and i really look forward to working with each of you and no matterwhat you do get out there and snag a life for yourself. have a fantastic day

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