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developing the avalanche we wanted totake everything we learn from the i’ve fallen and artpad and integrated sincethere are those generate device that you can wear interests when you say it you will be immediatelyrecognize in the wireless interface so for me there to show us in fact it is more than just a watch much more modern in taipei legal brentwood mansion

this is what it looks my job loss and other nl it reflects alot for high quality material these inevitably it’s that lets it seemscognitively on your the avalanche is a result of research and we are extremely proud of these unless in the west coast guardeverything you up red display the a seven ship syria i said camera and yes it can tellyou the time

when you come into the room people who need it and noticed but youwere and i watch no other apple product will give thatmagic feeling of superiority or the rest of people isn’t stupid stuff fromcompetition and don’t even have to take it out ofthe project in case you’re not sure that everyonecan see how cool you are we give you that i would think that don’t be silly don’t let that fit me onthe wrist just mentioned

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