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hey everybody, i’m david marcel and this ismy comic book obsession! and today, i’m really excited,because i can finally offer you guys a contest!that’s right, thanks to humble bundle i can offer you a chance to win a bundleof idw comics! i’m really excited about this! so how do you enter? well watch this video, obviously, then you go to my website, besure to check the rules and regulations there, because you automatically agree tothem by entering this contest.

anyway, you go to my website,you subscribe there, and you go to my facebook page and subscribeto that. links down in the description below. now, once you subscribe to my facebookpage you just need to repost the post that contains this contest, and you’redone! hey, and if you feel really nice, thenyou could subscribe to my youtube channel too. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!! what comics books exactlycould you be winning?

well, that depends on how many peopleparticipate. if we get less than 500people involved in this contest, then you’ve got a chance to win one ofthese bundles right here. there’s three of them in total,and they contain these comic books right here. if we get more than 500 peopleparticipating, then those previous bundles stay, plus this bundleis added. it contains all the previouscomic books plus these here. if we get more than 900 people,then we get another bundle

added to the mix that includesall the previous comic books and these comics right here. and if we manage tobreak the thousand two hundred people line, then we get one more bundle addedto the mix, which contains all the previous comics, plus these comics righthere. so, it’s really worth it! now all these comic books, they come indrm free form, they’re all in english and you can get them in various differentformats, like cbr, epub and pdf format. winners will be picked liveon my facebook page this sunday at 1400

hours, that’s the 12th of march,2pm swiss time, and once the winners have been declared,they’re going to receive a download code from humble bundle viafacebook messenger, so be sure your facebook messenger account is the oneyou actually check. also, be sure to tune in thursday,when i’m reviewing izombie vol.1 thanks for watching, i’m david marcel,this is my comic book obsession, best of luck to you with this contest! [music]

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