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welcome to wgme toys guys is great tosee you again i’m so glad you came back we’re gonna have another awesome drasticworld toy opening today i’ve been waiting for this one for a long timethis is the velociraptor delta but this is the growling action 12 brand new onethat just came out this one has the new growler velociraptor delta jurassic world review vs indominus rex by wd toys 2015 growling action but more important thisone has the third claw what they call the ripping cloth the other ones did nothave it except for blue so let’s take a closer look at this gay looking on theback says jurrasic world child being jobs growling action velociraptor deltaa ferocious fight for survival wow this guy up take a closer look athim

katie guys hairy is it looks really coolthe only thing i don’t like about him is that’s the only way you get him to standup if you stand him almost straight up where his tail will balance future toput him in a running position or something he falls over so that that’snot the greatest some would be nice if he takes ok let’s start at the top here good detail on the head you could see the yellow of his eye the teeth or not the greatest so thatthere’s still a little disappointment it looks like one piece

continuing on down he’s got a reallycool like brown color gray stripes and here he’s got his will and if you pressthis is where he has his growing action let’s listen to it there you get thedress sick world tattoo on it its logo i like to call it a tattoo and then herefinally we get the ripping clause on these guys like i said before only bluehad the ripping clause now there are gonna have it with the growlers bereviewing three growlers i got to now and i’ll be getting the third one soon imean they did a really great job with the coloring on this guy i mean i reallylike it if you could look even like to detail on his claws i mean they did agreat job

coloring his claws and then this is thisi discussed the screw holes you looks like to screw holes not to bed and thenthey’re behind his rear leg is where you’ve got the speaker and then you’vegot the tail going down on and here’s a view of the top of him brown with gray stripes wow it looksreally cool let’s take a look at the motion on his legs back legs you don’thave that much motion actually yeah you do have good amount of emotion sorrythere was little step and then here you’ve got to growing accident you putdown his tail to get closer listen to their two different actions so if youpush down his tail it does the growling

action if you hit his wounds like he’sattacked it does it different i guess the different roars frame or whateverand he’s in his arms a good amount of movement on his arms tosmile i mean you could close it yourself or it’s got axonal you pushes that’s cool let’s goahead have some fun with them ominous rex is walking through theforest just minding his own business office citing he hears sounds for hestops and looks around he hears the danger to others here theycome delta boy doll took me awhile to costhis friends here comes blue lose gonna

help delta to take down and darknesscomes in for a splash with him in the neck grab some food comes running downfrom the cup by the facts are forward down her throat with 3000 boy down that is his that’s his last drawerand with lastima strength now boy they’re gonna have had their friendstheir country boy he’s more than happy to get a free these possible i didn’tknow velociraptors could take him down if you enjoy the show make sure you subscribe to my channeltheir beloved video quickly let me know which one of the plaza raptors is yourpaper due to this video and costs

incurred lot more fun videos traffic world puppy star wars forceawakens so much fun together

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