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back in the 90’s, first person shooters wereall about killing things. give me a gun, maybe a chainsaw. some bullets. some enemies and let me off the leash to killem all. get even, on the other hand, is not that kindof game at all. in fact, you probably use a phone, more thanyou do a gun. it’s about two main characters- mr. blackand mr. red. and no, this isn’t cludeo, but there is amystery to solve. so mr. black is in charge of security fora weapons development company.

and when the head of the company’s daughtergets kidnapped, it’s up to mr. black to step in and help. in fact, it’s probably because of this kidnappingand the fact that the daughter’s strapped up with a suicide vest, that the game hadto be delayed by a month, so that its release wouldn’t coincide with the manchester bombings,out of respect for its victims. but, back to the game, pretty soon thingsfall down a rabbit hole as the story then leaps about through time and space. it’s much deeper then you may first expect,with a more science fiction theme going on. characters wear these experimental, vr headsets, which let them go into their memories

and relive past events. all they got to do is look at a photo andtheir mind warps them to that place and recreates a time that they were there. this means that all the different levels arein fact just a set of different memories, whether it’s the robbery of a rival weaponcompany’s latest product. or a bizarre fight in a graveyard. what’s with the music? this whole crazy experiment to get to thebottom of things takes place in an old insane asylum, because, of course, why not?

every game needs an old insane asylum in it. especially if they’ve stil got a few old inmateswandering around. a lot of the story’s told through these extendedhologram sequences, which let you see old conversations either in their original locations. or, because your vr headset’s a prototype,in this alternate, glitchy dimension, which is made up of a hodgepodge of different memoriesall getting slammed together. the greatest tool that you’ve got is actuallyyour phone. it’s got everything a detective would need-infra red, uv light, gps, a scanning function. it can even receive text messages!

every now and then all of these things areused to solve puzzles, but more often then not, they’re there to help you find cluesand gather evidence to help build a better picture of what’s going on. all of these clues are then displayed on thewall of a special memory room, for you to be able to look at and recap at any point. and when you find all of the clues on a particularlevel, you get a code, which will unlock a door to reveal a new weapon, like the crossbow. now even though shooting isn’t the priorityhere, there are actually some pretty novel ideas.

for example, mr. black’s default weapon isa corner gun. this thing can rotate 90 degrees, either leftor right to help you shoot around corners. and it’s got a helpful display to let youknow what you’re shooting at. you get to use this weapon all the time, whichis great- because if you’re going to get a novel gun, you may as well get some chancesto put it to use, rather than getting on just say, the last level. throughout the story, you’re actively encouragedto not kill people. the excuse given is that it corrupts the memoriesand so causes glitches to occur. and killing does have an impact later on inthe game, so stealth is recommended.

but sometimes that trigger finger does geta bit itchy. get even is more like an intelligent sci-fifilm, rather than your typical action game. it’s got a story that has a fair amount oftwists and turns, even if the way its told can sometimes drag on a bit. but it’s a nice change of pace from the norm. thanks for watching.

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