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>>>dr. david margileth: the question of usingminoxidil or other hair growth products after chemotherapy is an interesting question andone which i get asked fairly frequently. i am not aware of any studies or data that wouldargue either for it or against it and therefore i certainly do not discourage it. my experience has been with most women, followingchemotherapy, their hair growth is really pretty rapid and by the time they are out,four or five months from the chemotherapy, they feel comfortable not wearing a wig andtheir hair actually looks pretty good and they are pretty happy with it and then ultimatelytheir hair would be exactly the way it was prior to the chemotherapy.

so i certainly do not discourage using minoxidilor other hair growth products, but i do not think there is any information that they wouldspeed up the growth of hair after chemotherapy. “hi, i am dr. jay harness and i want toshare with you an important information that i believe that every newly diagnosed patientwith breast cancer needs to know.” susan denver: i am a breast cancer survivor. katherine stockton: i am a breast cancer survivor. coree: i am a breast cancer survivor. susan denver: and i want every woman to know… katherine stockton: …about personalizedbreast cancer treatment…

susan denver: …and the genomic test. coree: a test that helps guide a woman andher doctor… katherine stockton: …to the best treatmentoptions for her. susan denver: pass it on!

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