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we’re here testing the new farley for 2016 that has some really unique features. the 2016 farley is going to be available in a carbon frame and an aluminum frame. it’s also going to have a carbon fork option. so the new farley has moved from the 177/12 rear spacing to a 197/12 rear spacing. and what that allows us to do is get clearance for a 5”x26 tire and it also gives us the option of a 27.5”x4” tire. we are very excited about this new tire standard. it allows us to preserve geometry because the diameter of a 27.5×4 is within a few millimeters of a 26×5 tire. so you can either run a 27.5×4 or 26×5 with the same bottom bracket height and the same chainstay length. just like with a 29er, increasing diameter reduces rolling resistance.

so moving to a 27.5×4 allows for a faster rolling tire, a larger contact patch, and a better performing tire for groomed singletrack and race applications. on both the carbon and alloy 2016 farley we’ve incorporated the stranglehold dropout that you’ve seen on our singlespeed platforms. we’ve done this for a number of reasons. first off, it allows a geometry adjustment. so the farley still preserves the 440mm chainstay of the previous generation farley, but now has 50mm of wheelbase adjustment, so you can go all the way out to a 455mm chainstay for deeper snow conditions or more stability. this also allows us to change tire clearance.

so if you’re riding in an environment with more mud, where more tire clearance is necessary, you can slide your dropout back. on the new farley we have new bontrager wheels. the 27.5 tires are also tubeless just like last year’s hodag. the reason you want tubeless for a fat bike is you’re reducing rolling resistance by taking that tube out of there, you’re reducing weight by taking that tube out of there, and it’s also a more durable system. the new farley is not only lighter, it’s more versatile, it’s adjustable, it is the type of fat bike that can appeal to the racer or the explorer. alright, that’s good. let’s do it!

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