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hey, how’s it going guys? this is dave2d, and this is the aorus x7 v6. so this is their slim 17-inch gaming laptop. it comes packed with pascal and a bunch of other cool features. but this particular model starts at $2,700, it’s pretty expensive. let’s see if it’s worth it. i’ve always liked the laptop designs from aorus. it’s got the smooth finish, matte black and aside from that logo that lights up, i feel it’s something that batman could use, it’s a gaming laptop that doesn’t scream gamer. it’s nice. the build quality on the x7 has always been good it’s got a nice fit and finish, great hinge, limited screen and chassis flex

and, if i’m not mistaken, these have a two-year warranty. if i don’t edit that out, this has a two-year warranty. it’s a 17 inch laptop, so there’s lots of ports, audio jacks, ethernet, three display outputs, so you can set up nvidia surround, 3 usb3s, an sd card slot and a usb 3.1 type-c, but unfortunately it does not have thunderbolt 3 support. the internals are easily accessed and inside you’ll find 4 ram slots, so you can get up to 64 gigs of ram, 4 drive bays, a two and a half inch sata drive and the other three are empty slots. the included drive is from toshiba with great speeds. there’s also an optional live stream engine that fits into one of the m.2 slots and that supposedly takes the burden off your cpu for recording and streaming gameplay.

the battery down here is 94 watt hours, it gets you around three to three and a half hours of regular use. there is no nvidia optimus on the x7 because it has a g-sync panel, and that’s the price of admission for g-sync. but something neat that i found, is that you can check the battery status when it’s off, using the system activity lights. the keyboard has individual rgb lighting and it’s easy to customize. there are some dim spots on the bigger keys, the overall typing experience, though, is great. good travel, good layout, nice spacing. my only concern is the positioning of the macro keys. they’re a little close and i’ve hit a macro switch a few times instead of the tilde or escape button. it uses an elan trackpad. the surface is nice, it’s textured glass. tracking is decent.

the button mechanism is okay, there’s nothing bad about it. it’s just not amazing and it doesn’t feel premium in any way. the x7 can be equipped with this 17-inch 1440p panel with g-sync running at 120 hertz. games look incredibly smooth on this screen. it has a matte finish, and it’s not a touch screen, color accuracy is pretty good, once you calibrate it, and it gets reasonably bright. viewing angles are decent, but with a 5 millisecond response time, the screen is excellent for gaming. it’s actually one of the best on the market for competitive gamers. the webcam up top looks and sounds like this. but there’s also an option to green screen image in case you’re a streamer or something.

so if you pair this 120 hertz g-sync panel with an unlocked cpu and a powerful gpu, you get awesome performance, like desktop awesome. you can easily overclock the cpu turbo to 4 ghz, which is the base speed of the desktop 6700k and then the gtx 1070 in here has almost identical performance to the desktop gtx 1070, so, yeah, this thing is a beast. 1080p gaming is a breeze. overwatch on ultra goes above 150 frames per second, doom on ultra is around 120 frames per second, witcher 3 hovers around 80 frames per second with hair works off. closer to 60 frames per second with hairworks on. now, if you play at the native 1440p resolution, you can’t really tell that much of difference

between 1440p gaming and 1080p gaming on a 17 inch screen. you can tell the difference, but you really have to stare at the pixels to notice it. assassin’s creed unity, which is still one of the most demanding games, clocks in around 50 frames per second with everything maxed out at 1440p, so this laptop delivers some serious performance. thermally, it’s properly cooled: 5 heat pipes, 2 fans, it doesn’t throttle at the base speeds or even when overclocked to 4 gigahertz. they did a great job with thermal management. fan noise, however, can be loud. you can reduce fan speed with the software, but if you let it do its own thing on automatic, it’s audible on idle and loud when under load,

you’ll need headphones to play games comfortably, but with performance like this, you kind of want the laptop to be cooled aggressively. there’s even optional kick stands in the box, that you can use to raise the laptop a bit, to help with cooling. the speakers are pretty good. there’s two that fire at the side, and then there’s two subs on the bottom. they’re not amazing, because the laptop isn’t very thick, but they get loud, and they’re clear. they’re great for media consumption, but because of how loud the fans get under load, headphones are better for games. so with the aorus x7 v6, you’re getting a powerful gaming laptop, with a really good build quality. the 17-inch display is a 120 hertz g-sync panel and games look really nice on it.

the keyboard has individual rgb lighting and is nice to type on, the trackpad is improved from previous generations, but it’s still not amazing. on the inside, the skylake 6820hk and the nvidia gtx 1070 deliver killer performance and are very well cooled, but the fans get loud. the 4 ram slots and the 4 drive bays are all easy to access and easy to upgrade, and then there’s a 94 watt hour battery that gets around three, maybe three and a half hours of battery life. so, i think aorus did a fantastic job on the x7 v6, it got great performance, really good expandability and a fantastic screen, all in a package that is remarkably thin for the type of performance that it pushes out.

the thing that i don’t love about it, is the price tag, at $2,700 this thing is very steep. so, it really depends on your budget, but what you do get with this, is literally the best performing 17-inch gaming laptop that’s at an inch thick. if you want that, there’s only this one, but if you’re looking for something else with better value, obviously this isn’t the one for you. that’s the end of this video. hope you guys liked it. thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it. it’s been nice. i’ll see you guys next time.

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