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ladies and gentlemen i wish you have a nice day, this is your friend rbeta and today i’ll share with you a review of the videogame gonner. don’t forget to subscribe and like the video if you like it. gã¶nner is 2d platform shooter which uses a technique called procedural generation to create its levels. this game was created by mattias dittrich,better known as ditto, a swedish programmer and designer. that’s right friends you have listened well. a single person made both, video game programmingas its animation. however, as

games also need audio, the bandand sound effects were made by martin kvale and joar renolen that in partnership with ditto formed the studioart in heart. at first glance, one might think that this is a shoot ’em up game, but the reality is that, although the game rewards youfor killing enemies consecutively, it is certainly a platform game sinceon many levels strategy is needed rather than brute force. also, even though the levels are generatedrandomly this is a game that pays tribute to the old school games. i say this because, although you could finish the game in less than half an hour, you would need topractice hours to do that as you use to do

in those super nintendo platform games. let’s talk about controls and gameplay.i can say that, even when the elements of the gameame are not so obvious at first instance,the game allows you to get familiar with them after playing a couple of times. theseelements are: the head, which equips the character with a certain amount of lives and gives himsome special skills. the backpack, which gives special attacks or provides ammofor the main weapon. and finally the main weapon, which … well i thinki don’t have to explain this one. as you play through the game you will see various options for the elements that

i mentioned before. those ones will allow you to customizeikk, the main character, with the skillset that fits the best with your gaming style. gonner does not indicate a clear historyinitially, however, its elements allows you to understand that ikk is doing something tosomehow help sally, her whale friend. with many secrets to discover andmultiple endings gonner is an indie proposal that has the perfect mix between challengeand sense of progress for the player. and i can say without fear of contradiction thatif you give yourselves the chance of playing it, you will play it for hours and hours. gonner is now available on steam for $10, or if you prefer,

you can buy the original soundtrack bundle by $13. if you liked the video don’t forget to like and share it. and if you are interested in 2d randomly generated shooters i recommen you to take a look at my review of "the binding of isaac." and… what you think of the game?i read you in the comments. thanks a lot and see you the next time.

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