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this is a game about finding things that arrrghhhhidden on the screen. see, because it’s a hidden object game…with pirates…and,you know…pirates like to say…screen. it’s spirit of wandering: the legend. so obviously, spirit of wandering is a hidden-objectadventure game with a pirates theme. this game was originally released to the pc a fewyears ago, and now, it has set sail into the very crowded waters of the app store. thereis no shortage of these games on ios devices, but spirit of wandering does set itself aparrrrrt. see, because it’s a bit different. so the normal routine is you get a scene,you get a list of objects to find in that

scene and you start seeking and tapping…ori guess, clicking depending on the platform. the rules are a bit different in spirit ofwandering. rather than a list of words, you get this group of outlines…actually, youget two groups of outlines. not a word in sight. i guess pirates can’tread. the first group is a collection of commonitems, and those are the ones you have to locate first. so you look at the outlines,and you find the corresponding objects in the picture. once you’ve found all the commonitems, you have to find one of the other items…the so-called cherished items. these work the same way. you get an outline,you find the item. but in this case, the process

includes this magic lens that somehow catchesfire when it’s held above your target. once you find it, you’ll get a new group of commonitems, and you repeat the process until you’ve found all the cherished items. it’s a different approach than most of thehidden-object games i’ve played, and there are definitely things i like about it. spiritof wandering basically splits your target items into much smaller and more manageablepieces, so instead of chipping away at a list for several minutes, you feel like you’remaking progress and working faster. what i don’t like is that the cherisheditems are sort of anticlimactic. you might think they’re going to be really well-hiddenand harder to find…but they’re not any

different than the normal items. and in fact,they’re actually a lot easier to find because of the giant flaming lens that pulls a navion you and says, “hey! listen! fire!” so although this structure has benefits, italso feels a bit arbitrary at times…and even annoying. that’s because the outlinesyou’re given often don’t match the objects they correspond to, and that’s because theoutlines show them from different angles. you end up having to think of those outlinesin three dimensions, which is a nice side effect…but a lot of times, it does feela bit unfair. especially when you’re just given a square. the story is only mildly interesting and feelsmore like pirates of the caribbean than anything

else. pirates are attacked by a deadly ghostship, and the captain loses her crew and her lover. turns out they’re actually beingheld captive in a spirit realm, so she’s forced to collect cherished items that willprovide her access. it does tie the gameplay to the narrative, derivative as it may be,so i guess it does work. and at times, so does spirit of wandering.i’m not as big of a fan of this one as other games of this style, but i do admire the uniqueapproaches it takes. so if you’re into this genre but looking for a change, spirit ofwandering is a swashbuckling romance with some fun ideas and a lot of booty.

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