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imagine a world where everyone can access an attorney about any legal issue now imagine a world where everyone can afford it. thanks to legalshield that is the world we live in today. a world where one legal service company is helping millions of families live life on their own terms so instead of worrying about all the things that can go wrong for as

little as seventeen dollars a month they can get on with their lives knowing legal advice is a phone call away. the service legalshield provides is one of a kind our unique network of dedicated law firms is the key to providing a high quality customer experience with a law firm in 49 states and four canadian provinces we have your legal needs

covered wherever you may be and because our law firms are prepaid their focus is on serving you rather than billing you from the trivial to the traumatic and everything in between our attorneys are always there to not only give you legal advice but also write letters and make phone calls on your behalf prepare legal documentation such as wills and powers

of attorney and even represent you in court should you ever need it plus with an extensive library of complimentary forms and information you can download what you need when you need it imagine for one low monthly fee that you and your family can talk to an attorney about any legal issue without worrying about high hourly costs join legal

shield today and you can stop imagining and start living life in a whole new way empowered with complete confidence a total peace of mind. legalshield worry less live more

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