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welcome to another healthnews video news releasebrought to you by healthnews. in today’s news, studies show happier people are moreresistant to illness than people who are depressed. the question of which came first, good healthor happiness has always been somewhat of a chicken-and-egg equation. it’s also challengingto come up with a definitive way to study how happiness affects our health. there is growing evidence that positive psychologicalwellbeing is associated with reduced risk of physical illness. it’s not surprisingthat healthier people are happier than sick people. the question is whether psychologicalwellbeing protects against future illness or inhibits the progression of chronic disease.

to be able to establish cause-and-effect,researchers tried a study using the common cold virus. three hundred thirty-four healthyvolunteers were assessed for how happy, pleased, and relaxed they were, or how anxious, hostile,and depressed. then they were given nasal drops containing cold rhinoviruses to seewho would be more likely to come down with the cold. one third of the subjects who reported theywere depressed came down with a cold, but only about one in five got a cold in the happygroup. the happier people appeared to have healthier immune systems and better resistanceto developing the common cold. they repeated the study with the flu virus,and like in their earlier study, positive

emotions were associated with decreased illnessrates. these results indicate that feeling happy may play a more important role in yourhealth. remember your best source for diet, nutritionand supplement information is your metabolic typing advisor, functional diagnostic nutritionistand functional medicine practitioner. call them today! and that’s it for today’s healthnews.

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