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wyoming’s absaroka county is a rough place and it takes a toughman to keep it in line. in longmire, sheriff walt longmire (robert taylor) is just the man for the job, despite his personal demons. he has to dothe day-to-day of his office, keep peace with the local cheyenneindian reservation, and look into the crap ton of murders that go down in his territory! seriously,that’s a lot of dead people. sheriff longmire’s one tough guy. he’sbeen through

a helluva lot. in the opening of the series,he’s just returning to work after the death of his wife. his deputies (katee sackhoff, adam bartley) have really been running the county as he’s been drinking his sorrows away. as he gets into these cases, we see himcoming back to life but he still relies on his deputies andhis best friend henry (lou diamond phillips), a local cheyenne bar owner. but thekillers and the bad guys really aren’t his only problem. one of his own deputies (bailey chase) is starting to run against him for sheriff and a denver detective (charles s. dutton) begins to look into him over a death related to hiswife.

but no matter the chaos, no matter what’sgoing on, sheriff longmire remains the constant lawman. for him it’s all about justice. the mystery aroundlongmire’s wife’s death runs throughout the series. it is compelling and a bit of a puzzlebut every episode brings a different mystery,a different murder, a different crime, and each story is just as compelling as themain. and all of the actors that come in are just as good as those already on the show. the showlongmire

is just like the main character; it’spretty dark but its always good. this is one of the most consistentlywell done series i’ve ever watched and it’s got that oddtwist of the old west in a police procedural. now onlytwo seasons are streaming right now but more are on the way. do not miss outon this great show.

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