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A smart pen that takes your hand written notes into your digital life well I think you might have found your new best friend if you see me in the workplace you always notice that I carry a pen and notebook and a laptop so why all 3? Well I’ve always loved to be able to take notes there’s just something about a pen and paper because you remember it and that is of actually proven that if you do take note with a pen you’re going to remember and then comprehend them even better later so this does prove for some problems because then if a colleague once my notes that I need to retype them and send them over or I need to go back through find a certain.

Know that I took well then there’s me combing through my notebook and trying to find it so this is where the neo n2 smart pen it comes in handy with neo n2 smart pen you have the familiarity of a normal pen but now this is a special smart pen enables you to express your ideas on paper first which can then help with better focus on the content of meetings without distractions such as laptops and smartphones the n2’s free companion app neo notes users can instantly and effectively transform their written note into digital edible content that can be captured organized and then shared with anyone so if you’re like me now you’re.

Wondering exactly how the smart technology works through these for notebooks feature a patented and core technology which then record each of the pens strokes there are a ton of different choices for you to choose from in terms of notebook plus they also just release the program that will allow you to print your paper at home that works with the pen as well as the app now you got to hear a little bit of how this technology works looked like an even deeper dive and the exactly what it looks like when you’re taking notes and check out some of the option as you’re writing you can change the color as well as the thickness and then once you’re finished you can then email the note transcribe.

It to text share on ever note or even google drive tagging your notes is available for searching later but after your note has been transcribed you can search your notes for phrases that you might have used and don’t forget you can actually record audio as well the new your neo smart pen neo note app is available for both ios as well as android to go ahead take that take the know that you’re going to remember as well as keep them all of your devices because the penitent future is finally here and then the n2 smart pen definitely deserves a huge thumbs up.

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