Mad Max Fury Road Review

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and finally i haven’t had any fries… can you believe it? no fries?! and in a place called “the fries house”?! i know how you feel bro… i do… uh? how long have you had these droids? let me see your identification! oh my goodness… damned white cops! *oh, shit! i don’t want to be behind bars anymore, dude!* you don’t need to see his identification

we don’t need to see his identification these are not the droids you’re looking for these are not the droids we’re looking for and you like to spread cherry jam on your nipples… faggot! yup! that’s right! oh, you really have to watch that! it’s one of my favourite scene from star wars episode vii… whoops… *awesome kazoo cantina band song*

so you banged her uh? huurh huuuurgh ♥ *scrotum-head noises* "excusez-moi, monsieur", my dear friend have just kindly asked you where is the toilet maybe… you misunderst- fucking hipsters!!! die! die! you, shithead!!! fucking alieeeeens!!!

*twisting burp sound* han solo. i’m captain of the millennium falcon. "chupie" here tells me you’re looking for passage to the alf-eraan system yes, indeed, faggot! if it’s a fast ship! wait, what?! you’ve never heard of the millennium falcon? it’s the ship that made the kessel run in less than twelve parsecs! t-twelve parsecs? waaaaaaah

*fapping sound idiot! ten thousand in advance… ten thousand? i give you 2 food coupons… two? you mean three right? one! *realistic dolphin sound fine… asshole…

*awesome kazoo music… again! *:ã©â£"*%ã©:*ã©&*:&*": ? "gã§*ã©"$㧠ã§*"ã©ã§â£ã©!, *"ã©â£ã§"ã©* ! â°ã§â§â£"(ã©"â£ji7 "ã©â£**fyã¹â§ ? ã©ppã©y/f(#[@ ã©**â£$(=o !!! nice jacket! animation: matthewcatcapdubbing & sound: andy & jake

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