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hey guys buzz here with i will be going over the firefly portable vaporizer. the current price at the time of this videois $269. you can click the link below in the about section to get the current price anda full review on my website. after some thorough testing i have to admitthat i think the firefly is a contender for the best portable vaporizer on the market.despite being skeptical at first, the firefly has earned its spot as my go to portable. it has an incredible build quality, it’selegant, easy to use, and very easy to maintain. it comes with some great accessories includinga high quality discreet black travel bag and

a double sided brush which makes cleaningout the bowl super easy. it is a bit bigger than some of the otherportable units because of the convection design and engineering. but it’s also one of themost efficient units because it’s only being heated when you’re pressing the heat heats up fast, automatically controls temp to eliminate combustion and produces greatvapor quality. so first i’ll get into the features andhow to use the firefly. i’ll do a quick vape session, give you the pros and cons followedby some quick cleaning tips, and then suggest the best place to pick one up. intro

ok guys so here is the firefly’s a portable convection vaporizer with an all glass heating chamber and stainlesssteel vapor path. the firefly has the highest vapor quality of any of the portables i havetested all while being simple and easy to use. how to use the firefly: let’s go ahead and jump into how to usethe firelfy. the power switch is located here on the side and to turn the unit on, you justflip the switch. the green led on the side will illuminateshowing the unit is on and ready to use. the method i use to hold the firefly is to putmy thumb over the charging hole and i use

my middle finger to press the heat button. once you press the heat button, the fireflywill reach near 400 degrees fahrenheit in less than 10 seconds. you can see the glowfrom the window of the lid. you will also know the unit is heating by the blinking greenled on the left hand side. now the firefly will only heat for 30 secondscontinuously no matter how long you press in the button. it uses advanced software tolimit the temp to no more than 400 degrees but also keeps the bowl hot enough to producevapor. the longer you hold the button, the thicker your clouds will be. i’ll get moreinto methods for use later on in my vape session. the lid is magnetic so it attaches nicelyto the bottom of the unit. to remove the lid,

find the grooves on either side and lift up.i recommend just lifting up on one side because it’s a lot easier. the magnet is actuallypretty strong. once you have the lid off, you can see thewhere the bowl is located and the grooves along the lid where the vapor travels to themouthpiece. the window on the lid is very useful because it allows you to see the unitheating up and it also allows you to see the color of your herbs. this helps when determiningif the bowl is done or not. now the bowl holds about .15 grams of driedherbs, which i’ve found to produce between 5-8 hits depending on your herbs, the lengthof your draws and how you pack the bowl. now i’ve found the best method for packing thefirefly chamber is to build a mound over the

bowl. so you would fill the bowl completelyand then add a little more on the top as well. when you are loading your bowl, try to keepall the herbs inside the ring so it’s not touching the stainless steel. this makes ita lot easier to clean and helps you get a good seal when you reattach the lid. if youleave enough out of the bowl it can affect the vapor path along the top of the lid. after you are done loading, you can re-attachthe lid. i like to start the lid on the top edge to guide it and then let the magnet dothe rest. you can still adjust the lid after to make sure it’s a good seal. the moundhelps keep the herbs in place while you’re inhaling. i also recommend that you use acoarser type grinder for your herbs. i’ve

found that the firefly doesn’t do too wellwith fine herbs. i use a santa cruz shredder and it works perfect. it also helps to shake the firefly arounda bit after each session or give it a couple smacks like you would with the mflb. thishelps move around the herbs and will help you get more of an even vape. firefly battery and charging: the battery is a lithium ion high poweredbattery, and to get to the battery you just slide off the backing like you would on acell phone and place your finger in the grove. lift up a bit and it should pull right out.this is really convenient because the batteries

can be easily replaced or you can pick upextras for long trips. firefly also has a portable charging adapteravailable for your car. now, i usually get between 35-45 minutes of continuous use whichusually produces about 30 draws. the battery life all depends on the lengthof your draws and how many draws you take per session. another thing that i noticedis that the firefly led doesn’t have a low power indicator. it will just shut off onyou which sucks when you’re in the middle of a session. luckily, after a few sessionsand continued use, you’ll have a pretty good idea of when it’s going to die. justmake sure you give it a full charge before you head out for the day.

it recharges completely in about 45 minuteswhich is currently the fastest for a portable vaporizer. this helps make up for the lackof battery life. to charge the unit, make sure the power switchis in the off position and plug in the adapter into the charging port. the led indicatorwill glow blue while the firefly is being charged and a solid blue light indicates theunit is completely charged. it’s better to charge the firefly beforethe unit dies completely. i recommend just throwing it on the charger whenever you havethe chance. firefly accessories: the firefly includes some really great comes with a very high quality black sleeve

to carry the firefly in. it helps with traveling,it’s discreet, and it has a little extra room for other items. the firefly comes with 5 replacement screens,5 cleaning picks and a few cleaning wipes. it also includes this multi-sided brush thatcomes in super handy when cleaning out the bowls on all my portable vaporizers. it comes with a standard charging adapterto plug into the wall and you can also pick up the car charger adapter for $30. if youwanted to make sure that you’ll never have a dead battery, you can pick up the externalwall charger and an extra battery. this way you could use the battery in the firefly andkeep the secondary battery charging in the

wall. now one battery is plenty if you aren’tplanning on taking any long trips but it’s always nice to have a spare when you’reout and about. firefly cleaning and maintenance: it’s extremely easy to clean and maintainthe firefly. i’ve been using mine daily for a few months now and i just did my firstscreen change and thorough cleaning. the best way to clean the firefly is to maintain itregularly right after your sessions. when you are done with your session, removethe lid and remove the abv from the bowl. i always save my abv for desperate situationsor i’ll throw about a gram in some yogurt.

it’s not like eating real edibles but youwill notice the effects. anyways, i recommend you take a paper towelor handkerchief and wipe out the remaining residue immediately after a session. thisway the stainless steel around the bowl and the window covering on the lid are still warm.this makes it super easy to wipe out. if you don’t do this regularly then you can getaway with a thorough cleaning every 15 sessions or so. i recommend you pick up an extra cleaningkit when you purchase the firefly just so you won’t have to worry about buying anycleaning materials for a year or so. firefly vape session/demo:

so let’s go ahead and jump into the vapesession. i’ve already loaded a fresh bowl with someherbs out of my santa cruz shredder. remember to pack the bowl with a mound. i have thebest results with this method. turn the unit on by sliding the power button. the greenled on the side will stay illuminated. i’ve gotten the best results by pre-heatingthe bowl for about 4-6 seconds and continuing to hold the button for the entire 30 seconds.this gives you a good draw with great vapor taste but won’t generally give you densevapor. be sure to shake around the unit or give ita light smack to move around the herbs in the bowl. i do this after each draw to getan even vape of the herbs in the bowl.

the second draw you will push down on theheat button and begin drawing immediately. if you can make it through the entire drawtime on the second hit then you will get a very dense hit. i don’t typically need a third draw butit’s the same method as the second draw. begin inhaling as soon as your press the heatbutton. the best hits are earlier in the bowl which is similar to other portable and desktopvaporizers. one fully packed bowl will last you about8-10 hits depending on how long your sessions are, the type of herbs you are using and howmany people are using it. firefly pros:

ok so now we’ll jump into the pros and cons. the first pro would be the ease of use. otherthan a quick couple bowls to get completely used to the technique, all you need to dois press a button. the firefly automatically heats to the best temp, maintains it, anddoesn’t combust your herbs. the next is the vapor quality. i’m a bigfan of convection vaporizers because of the vapor quality they produce. the firefly hasthe best vapor quality of any portable i’ve tried. the only vaporizers that produce equalor better vapor quality are desktop units. the cleaning and maintenance is also a probecause it’s very easy compared to other portable vaporizers. it comes with some greataccessories including a high quality travel

bag and multi-sided brush. the next pro is the replaceable battery whichswaps out in seconds. you can pick up extras to take on long hiking trips or beach also recharges in as little as 45 minutes which is the fastest charging portable vaporizeri’ve tested so far. another pro is the ability to turn it on,vape, and put it away before most portables even finish heating up. due to the convectionheating, this is one of the most efficient portable vaporizers. the firefly only heatsyour herbs while the heat button is pressed so it doesn’t waste herbs when you splita bowl into multiple sessions. this prevents waste that you would normally encounter witha conduction vaporizer when splitting a bowl

into multiple sessions. firefly cons: moving on to the cons, the first being theoverall size and weight. the firefly is a medium sized unit but due to the stainlesssteel design, the firefly carries more weight than the average portable vaporizer. it stillfits perfectly in my pocket whether i’m wearing shorts or jeans and everything staysconcealed in the included travel bag. another complaint is that i can’t fullypalm this vape like the mflb or pax for maximum discreetness. another con would be the battery life. i lovethat the batteries are replaceable and charge

very quickly, but the battery life is a bitshorter than i would prefer. one charge will last me a full day when i am using it myself,but when a second or third person joins, the battery will only last for a 3 to 4 hour hike.if you are planning on doing a multi-person all-day adventure then i would suggest pickingup an extra battery. firefly summary (outro): so i’d like to thank you for watching myfirefly vaporizer review. if you’re looking to buy the firefly, you can click the linkbelow to get the current price from the authorized dealer i bought mine from. you can also finda link to my full firefly review, and links to my social media where i post outdoor pictureswith my vaporizers around beautiful montana

and surrounding areas. don’t forget to subscribe to my youtubechannel for new vaporizer reviews, modifications, and cleaning tutorials. i really do appreciateall of your support and if you guys have any questions about the firefly or any other vaporizer,feel free to leave a comment below or contact me on my website thanks again and have a great day.

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