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hello everybody! you are all so welcome to another review! â  today we are going to test malwarebytes anti-malware version 1.6 this new version has new features like new malwarebytes chameleon technology that makes malwarebytes running even when blocked by a malware dor technology that means delete on reboot to enhance threat removal process

there are other improvements for this new version that are all described on my blog i kept the default settings and as always, nothing has been changed i will update database now database is updated let’s now check ram usage these two active services here are from malwarebytes a memory usage between 45 to 50 mb of ram

a little bit heavy for a secondary protection device here i have a fresh list of malware links and let’s start testing the first one was detected by malwarebytes i will send it to quarantine this link seems to be dead no in fact it was blocked by the web filter of malwarebytes malicious site successfully blocked

this one was also detected by malwarebytes this one was also detected last one seems not to be detected by malwarebytes let’s move on this is a compressed file this is the same malware link i will erase it this one was blocked by malwarebytes this link was also blocked by malwarebytes

this one was detected and this link is dead comodo killswitch is analyzing the first one and the second one was considered a suspicious file malwarebytes’ database is updated i will start a full scanning process with it and i will return at the end with the results at the end of malwarebytes scanning process nine infected objects were found

trojan.startpage trojan.banker and trojan.agent i will remove all of them now i will restart the computer now then i will run ccleaner and i will return with the results from hitman pro at the end of hitman pro scanning process

nothing was found i will start scanning now with superantispyware at the end of superantispyare scanning process i will start scanning now with emsisoft anti-malware at the end of emsisoft scanning process well, malwarebytes did not prevent the entry of some malware files on the machine but its scanning process detected all of them it got an excellent result in the first part of this test

well, i will meet you in the second part well, lets now begin the second part of the text i brought to this folder a total of 615 malware files here you can see all of them these files were collected from the internet in recent days i will start scanning this folder with malwarebytes malwarebytes detected 494 infected files of a total of 615 analyzed

i will remove all these files now ok! i will start a second scanning process of this folder with malwarebytes and i will be right back with the results at the end of the second scanning process 22 objects were detected all of them identified as potential unwanted programs that is what this acronym – "pup" – means

i will remove all of them since there are no malicious objects running on ram there is no need to restart the computer lets now check how many files were left inside this folder there are left 121 files let’s calculate 615 minus 121

494 threats were detected by malwarebytes this is equivalent to a detection rate of 80.32% it is a very good detection rate if we consider that malwarebytes is a kind of second line of defense in a system as i always do i will randomly choose a minimum of ten malware files from this folder and run one by one

and see how malwarebytes behaves let’s do it this one was detected by malwarebytes i had to kill this running files because one of them was playing a very loud sound i have done so far the execution of ten malicious files i will start now a full scan of this computer with malwarebytes one infected object was found this backdoor.ircbot

i will delete it now i will erase this malware folder but probably there are some malicious files running on ram so, i will restart the computer then i will delete this malware folder run the ccleaner three trojan files were found and a suspicious file which is a potentially malware

i will select "delete" i will select "delete" for all of them at the end of superantispyware scanning process well, my final words about malwarebytes version 1.60 malwarebytes is a complementary software in a computer security system and as such, it got an excellent result both the first and second part of this test it needs only decrease ram usage a little high in my point of view

it is an excellent protection tool and that can be used in combination with your antivirus or security suite of your choice well, that is all for today. let your comments, suggestions, opinions and visit my blog: my twitter is: @victorh2007 thanks for having watched this video and i will see you!

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