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hello my name, my super hero name is powerkid, goddam it hello my superhero name is power kid and thisis my superhero outfit uh, i know it’s not very good ’cause i’m nota very good artist and i didn’t know who to talk to and the aplicationcame up realy quickly so… i’m, i’m sorry i am making this video as a suplement to myaplication for the superhero acadamy of young superheroes my power is super strength just focus on the car (cameraman): uh, okay

this is an example of my super strength, *grunt* (cameraman): uh, what, oh my god it’s moving!oh ahhhhh i’ve wanted to be part of the superhero societysince i was four years old, so thank you for watchingmy video and i hope you will consider me as a choice of admissionfor the super academy i see no reason why we shouldn’t accept him you mean other than the fact that his dadis a supervillan? what? i had the computer do a background check

deathside the conqueror, a rank criminal mastermind looks like he kicked this kid out a year ago wow, i can’t imagine being raised by thatman you think he’s dangerous? why else would he keep his dad a secret? well, it’s really quite a personal thing he at least deserves a chance *running footsteps* *pow* what did you learn!? what are you talking…?

how’d you get in!? i don’t understand…? talk! ow! dark cop, i don’t think i need to remind youthat fighting outside of virtual reality is strictly prohibited? he started it i was merely reacting i didn’t do anything! incorrect he broke into my dorm. what makes you saythat? well, he was holding one of my pens, everythingi own is equipped with a miniature tracking devicewhen i go out

i take one pen with me, and i leave the restin my room conclusion, he entered and stole it! i just found this pen on the ground, thisfreak probably just dropped it! your accusation is ridiculous, i have my ownpen on me right… i apologize for miscalculating even if you hadn’t, that was not the way tohandle it it was the most direct solution (superclown) you punched me in the face! actually it was the zygomatic bone

i’m begining to think your showing anti-socialbehavior dark cop you need to learn to talk to people, i don’tthink i’ve seen you at any of the school events that’s because i’m busy ah yes, well you cocoon your self all up withwork and i believe that deep inside is a beautifulsocial butterfly for example, you should attend the freshmanmeet and greet it should be starting just about now well i’m not a freshman. oh that doesn’t matter,the freshmen could use your help feeling welcomed in their newenvironment

that’s their problem. as a super hero it isyour job to help others whether they’re fellow classmates or civilians,you’re going deans orders hey, do you feel welcome in this environment?that was easy kneecapper! starburst, what’s goin’ on? punch.let’s do it so i said today, yesterday. right? yeah uh, hi my name’s power kid and i uh… and so mummy man says i guess that wraps thingsup ah ha haha, a wrap! that’s hilarious. you’rehilarious um… thanks?

so um, my name’s power kid, though i guessi’m not really a kid am i? that’s funny. so what are your guys names? do you live aroundhere right now? what’s your super power? so party at my dorm after the assembly? youguys in? are ya in? round eight? sounds good damn it. hey… power kid oh uh, hi? dark cop oh, hi dark cop. my name’s power kid

uh huh. oh right you said that so, would you like to… partake in some kindof… activity? activity? y-yeah i’d like to partake satisfactory. let’s make an appointment forfive o’clock. my dorm room room f27. oh okay, thank you! tch, heh. *heavy breathing* daddy? i hacked the super academy websiteliked you asked any potential threats?

no, they all look pretty useless but um, idid find one thing that was interesting seems brother had enrolled himself in theacademy, he’s calling himself power kid *knocking* *several locks unlocking* you’re early. you said to come at five. i was using military time. am? fine, come in *sip* *sigh* so, do you watch any movies or sports… events?

not really. oh you liking this weather? i don’t know, i don’tgo out to even notice. oh. so do you have any super powers? no but iam trained in aikido, that’s a martial art you’ve probably never heard of it. oh, welli have super… have super strength with your maximum strengthbeing 9.875 times your own weight how did you know that? i did a backgroundcheck on you what did you find out? nothing else relevant.oh okay, good i did have one other question it’s, aboutyour outfit it feels a little incomplete. yeah i knowit’s not very good

i agree, it’s unprofessional. i mean it’snot even a costume it looks like half a pajama that might be the worst piece of clothingever conceived i’m sorry i was just agreeing with you fortunately my work has given me a vast selectionof alternatives okay, i think we’ve found it huh, i barely even recognize myself. thanksa lot *crunching* chaotrix wha-what are you doing here? and,are you eating my ramen? tastes better raw. do you want some?

*sigh* i can see you’ve forgotten everythingwe’ve taught you about fashion sense although you know the mask does look prettymacho get out of my room! make me. i’m calling security now there’s no need to interrupt the familyreunion it’s been a long time, i never expected tofind you in a place like this tell me did you enroll here because you knewit would hurt me the most? what do you care? you kicked me out remember? i honestly don’t care what you do with yourlife but i have a reputation to consider

and i cannot have you screwing it up here!so let me give you some advice if you don’t leave by tomorrow morning, iwill make sure that everyone knows who you really are and when they find outthe truth they will destroy you wouldn’t it be easier and less painful ifyou left now? think about it *clock ringing* super star? present. moonbeam? here. kneecapper? hmmn. power kid? power kid? anybody body seen him?phantasmagoria? here. dark cop? *locks rattling* i’m glad i found you, i needed to know whyyou weren’t in class

god this things hard to run in! you know youcould’ve knocked this seemed easier. how did you even findme? everything i own is equipped with a miniaturetracking devise, i followed it followed what? oh, right of course but i can’tgo back to school why not? there’s something that you don’t know about me what? that you’re deathsides son? but how?i told you i did a background check on everyone before we met.but you said you didn’t find anything out about me. i said, nothing relevant, your parentage is not important, you are not your father.yeah, but…

ah, how touching but i think you’ll find i’mfar more than irrelevant power kid has already made his choice, getout so you’re deathside right? and i suppose you’rebehind power kid’s disappearance perhaps via blackmail? well aren’t you it was blackmail then i guess i shouldn’t be surprised a simpleanalysis is all i need for you your failed attempts at world domination hasleft you with a serious sense of inadequacy as such you take what littlesatisfaction you can by controlling their lives because that’s theonly way to hide from yourself how little you have, no offence ofcourse

how dare you, my daddy doesn’t control mei’m… sit down *wap* *pow* *crunch* *thwack* uhn, argh *an intense and painful sounding beat down*stop it! i’m going to enjoy this far more than i should *thwack* *ka-pow* how… owh…ohhh, uhhg daddy? you’re going to pay for this power kid! we’ll be back

are you okay? injuries located in nonvital areas, i’ll be fine my real name is malcolm mine’s martin. i know. heh, you would know *whap* sorry! so sorry! credits by thomas martin lockman

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