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hey everybody, so i just got back from thegym so i am a little swetty, but i wanted to answer a question i see a lot online andthat is what is the best dating site. and there’s really no one right answer to it.the way i always look at it is that you lose nothing by being on a free site like plentyof fish or eharmony, sorry plenty of fish or okcupid, so why not have a profile on bothsites? you can literally use the exact same profile and exact same photos and the reasoni say that is because then you can cast as big of a net as possible. and if you’re strugglingon one site, maybe things are working for you on another site, it’s just like diversifyingjust like investing guys. when it comes to paid sites, i’ve talked toa lot of students and other people who have

used the pay sites and i’ve heard nothingbut bad things about eharmony and you know that seems to be more so for the women i’veheard is that eharmony isn’t a good site. and the thing i don’t like about eharmonyis that it doesn’t let you write the profile the way you want to so it’s really difficultto stand out because you have to answer the questions and you can’t really be creativeor it’s very difficult to be creative so that’s why match you can write your profile howeveryou want and it’s much easier to stand out from the crowd. so i always say when it comesto choosing dating sites, you should be on all the free dating sites. and maybe see howthey work out for you and if they’re not working for you then maybe try a paid site becausea paid site people are financially tied to

so they are probably going to take it moreseriously then if it’s a free site. if it’s a free site they can pickup and leave it wheneverthey want. they are not tied to it. so that does it for this week i’ll see you guys nextweek.

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